Establishment of Ordnance Factories

41 Ordnance Factories were set up in the country prior to 2014 to manufacture Arms, Ammunitions, Artillery Guns, Tanks, Combat Vehicles, Troop Comfort items, Bi-Modular Charge System (BMCS), Small Arms and other equipment required by the Armed Forces, Central Para Military Forces, State Police Organisations and Civil Indenters. The factory-wise details are given below.

Sl. No. States/UTs Ordnance Factory.


Year of Establishment Product Profile
1 2 3 4 5
1. Maharashtra Ammunition Factory Kirkee (AFK) 1869 5.56 mm Ammunition, Bombs, Grenades, Cartridges for others Small Arms, Medium Caliber Ammunition
2. Maharashtra High Explosive Factory (HEF) 1940 TNT, HNS, Tetryl (CE), IPN, RFNA, ‘G’ Fuel, ‘O’ Fuel,
Initiatory Explosives, Acids and Chemicals etc.
3. Maharashtra Ordnance Factory Bhandara (OFBa) 1964 Various types of Propellants and Explosives
4. Maharashtra Machine Tool Prototype Factory (MTPF) 1953 Design, Developments and Manufacture of special purpose
machine tools and equipment, components and sub-assemblies for Armoured and Transport vehicle and weapons spares, Electronic Fuze, Kavach Chaff Launcher for Navy
5. Maharashtra Ordnance Factory Ambarnath (OFA) 1944 Cartridge Case, Brass Cup of various sizes, Brass coils, Low and High Tensile Al. Alloy, Extruded sections
6. Maharashtra Ordnance Factory Ambajhari (OFAJ) 1966 Ammunition Hardware (Shells, Fuzes and Cartg. Cases) Light Metal Floating Bridge, Extruded Al. Rods / Sections, Pressure and Die-Cast Components, Pinaka Rocket etc.
7. Maharashtra Ordnance Factory Bhusawal (OFBh) 1949 Drums, Barrels, Ammunition Boxes, Cylinders & Tin Containers, Fuel tanks
8. Maharashtra Ordnance Factory Chandrapur (OFCH) 1970 Tank Gun Ammunition, Mortar Ammunition, Anti-Tank and Anti-Personnel Mines, Rockets, Missiles War-Heads etc.
9. Maharashtra Ordnance Factory Dehu Road (OFDR) 1984 Various Pyrotechnic Compositions & Ammunition.
10. Maharashtra Ordnance Factory Varangaon (OFV) 1964 Cartridges, viz, 7.62 mm Nato Ball M-80 Tracer M-62, 5.56 mm Ammunition
11. Madhya Pradesh Ordnance Factory Itarsi (OFI) 1979 Various types of Propellants and Chemicals
12. Madhya Pradesh Ordnance Factory Katni (OFKAT) 1942 Non-Ferrous Rolled & Extruded Sections, Cups for Small Arms Ammunitions, Diecast components, Heavy CaliberCartg. Cases
13. Madhya Pradesh Gun Carriage Factory (GCF) 1904 Light Field Gun, T-72 Tank Gun Recoil System, Carriages for Artillery Guns, Anti-Aircraft Gun, Various Types of Mortars, 12 Bore Pump Action Gun & various Ammunition Packages
14. Madhya Pradesh Ordnance Factory Khamaria (OFK) 1943 Small Arms Ammunition, Anti-Aircraft Ammunition, Anti-Tank Ammunition, Ammunition. For Air Force and Navy
15. Madhya Pradesh Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ) 1969 Army Transport & Logistic Vehicles and Variants, Mine Protected Vehicles
16. Madhya Pradesh Grey Iron Foundry (GIF) 1972 Automobile Casting of Grey & Malleable Iron for Vehicles & other applications
17. Tamil Nadu Cordite Factory Aruvankadu (CFA) 1903 Various types of Propellants and Chemicals
18. Tamil Nadu Heavy Alloy Penetrator Proj. (HAPP) 1980 Empty Shots for Kinetic Energy Ammunition of various calibers (120mm, 125mm), Anti-Submarine Rocket hardware, Tungsten Spheres for Pinaka Rocket
19. Tamil Nadu Ordnance Factory Trichy (OFT) 1967 7.62mm Rifle, 12.7 Air Defence Gun & Spares, 30mm Cannon for BMP II, 14.5 mm Sub-Calibre Device for T-72 Tank, 23 mm Ghasha Twin Barrel Gun for MIG
20. Tamil Nadu Heavy Vehicle Factory (HVF) 1966 Battle Tanks viz. T-90 and Main Battle Tank Arjun, Combat ImprovedAjeya Variants, Tank Spares & Overhaul of T-72
21. Tamil Nadu Ordnance Clothing Factory Avadi (OCFAV) 1961 All Combat Clothing & Parade Garments, Parachutes, Tents, DLD Covers, Vest etc.
22. Tamil Nadu Engine Factory Avadi (EFA) 1987 Engines for Battle Tanks and Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV), Overhaul of Engines
23. Andhra Pradesh Ordnance Factory Medak (OFMK) 1984 Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) Sarath, Variants, Bullet Proofing of Cars & Spares for ICV
24. Odisha Ordnance Factory Badmal (OFBL) 1989 Tank and Artillery Ammunition, 30mm Ammunition
25. West Bengal Gun & Shell Factory (GSF) 1801 Medium Calibre Guns, Ammunition Hardware, .32″ Pistol,
84mm Rocket Launcher
26. West Bengal Metal & Steel Factory (MSF) 1872 Various Ferrous and Non ferrous castings & extrusion, component & other stores including Cartg. Cases and shell forgings, Light / Medium / Heavy Steel Forgings including Gun Barrel Forgings
27. West Bengal Rifle Factory Ishapore (RFI) 1901 5.56 mm INSAS Rifle, Pistol 9 mm Auto, .315′ Sporting Rifle, .22″ Sporting Rifle
28. West Bengal Ordnance Factory Dum Dum (OFDC) 1846 Ammunition Hardware / Components
29. Bihar Ordnance Factory Nalanda (OFN) 2001 Bi-modular Charge System (Planned)
30. Uttar Pradesh Ordnance Factory Muradnagar (OFM) 1943 Plain carbon and alloy steel castings for Tanks, Empty Bodies of various ammunition Hot Die Tool, Steel forgings. Track Link for Tanks
31. Uttar Pradesh Ordnance Clothing Factory Shajahanpur (OCFS) 1879 All Combat Clothing, Mountaineering Extreme Cold Clothing, Textile &Tentage Items
32. Uttar Pradesh Ordnance Equipment Factory Kanpur (OEFC) 1859 Leather Items, Textile Items, Engineering Equipment including Mountaineering Items
33. Uttar Pradesh Ordnance Factory Kanpur (OFC) 1942 Medium & High Calibre Guns, Mortars Bomb Bodies, Ammunition Hardware
34. Uttar Pradesh Small Arms Factory (SAF) 1942 5.56 mm Light Machine Gun (LMG), LMG 7.62 mm, MAG 7.62 mm, .50″ Rifle Sporting, .32″ Revolver, 9mm Carbine
35. Uttar Pradesh Field Gun Factory (FGK) 1965 High Calibre Ordnance & Spare Barrels, .32″ Revolver
36. Uttar Pradesh Ordnance Factory Project Korwa (OFPKR) 2007 Carbine
37. Uttar Pradesh Ordnance Parachute Factory (OPF) 1941 All types of Parachutes viz. Brake Parachute, Supply Dropping & Man Dropping Parachutes, Tent, Clothing & Rubberised Items like Floats for Bridges & Inflatable Boats
38. Uttar Pradesh Ordnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur (OEFHz) 1983 Tents, Mosquito Nets & other Clothing Items
39. Uttarakhand Ordnance Factory Dehradun (OFDUN) 1943 Sighting & Fire Control Instruments for Tanks, Fire Control Instruments for Guns & Mortars, Range Finder, Binoculars, .Compasses, Air Field Lighting Equipment, Night Vision Instruments
40. Uttarakhand Opto Electronics Factory (OLF) 1988 Precision Opto Mechanical/Electronic Instruments for Sighting and Fire Control of T-72 & Infantry Combat Vehicles, Laser Range Finder
41. Chandigarh Ordnance Cable Factory Chandigarh (OCFC) 1963 Field Telephone Cable, Carrier Quad Cable, 20 Conductor Cable, 3KV Air Field Lighting Cable, Beta Light Devices, Optoelectronic Sight


No new Ordnance Factory has been set up after the year 2014.

In addition to existing items, following new weapon platforms are slated to be manufactured by 2025 for which indent/order has been given to OFB:

  • 155mm x 45 cal Artillery Gun System Dhanush
  • Upgunning of 130mm Gun to 155mm calibre

This information was given by Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Shripad Naika written reply to Ms. Saroj Pandeyin Rajya Sabha today.