novelist Mirza Hadi Ruswa wrote this classic novel “Umrao Jaan Ada”.

binod takiawala

Rekha’s charm and Aishwarya’s ada are the first things which comes to our mind when we talk about ‘Umrao Jaan’, but it is two centuries ago when an ace novelist Mirza Hadi Ruswa wrote this classic novel “Umrao Jaan Ada”.  


Adapted from the classic novel Gravity Zero Entertainment brings the life of Umrao Jaan on stage with live singing and music. The musical ‘Umrao Jaan Ada’ is directed by Rajeev Goswami who has directed one of the longest-running musical theatre ‘Beyond Bollywood’. The live music is composed by popular Bollywood composer duo Salim-Sulaiman and lyrics are penned by Irfan Siddiqui. The story of the musical Umrao Jaan Ada is recreated by writer Varun Gautam and choreographed by Pooja Pant.

Umrao Jaan Ada – The musical will be performed in Delhi from August 3rd to 11th. For this magnificent musical, Gravity Zero Entertainment has collaborated with Insider and paytm , to make this dream-like experience come true as the ticket booking is just a click away. 

Sharing the making experience, director Rajeev Goswami says, “As a director I couldn’t have asked for more! It wasn’t easy bringing back a story of the 19th century and making it look convincing to the audiences who today have the world at the tip of their fingers. Moreover, we adapted the book. So breaking it down to scenes topped with managing not just acting but live singing and live music. I loved every bit of this challenge.”

“It’s a dream to recreate this epic musical! There is a lot of effort that has gone into the little nuances to take our audiences back to the early 19th century. It’s been a sheer joy to bring the sound of ghazal & thumri live on stage,” says composer Salim Merchant.

“It is for the first time in India that a musical theatre performance with live music and singing is happening which will take Indian theatre production to international standards,” adds Sulaiman Merchant

“We’re excited to partner on the retelling of this legendary story on stage, especially with the vision of its powerhouse creative team led by Rajeev and Salim-Sulaiman behind it. Musicals in India have a lot of potential and we at Paytm Insider are keen to partner and take musicals to the top cities in India” says Shreyas Srinivasan, Founder & CEO at

So, come and witness this epic saga live on stage for the first time ever, a masterpiece that you have never experienced before. Relive and be a part of the traditional Lucknowi culture.