I’m, The Centre of Applied Arts by Punam Kalra launches Dining Tables Collection

Nishit Priya

Interiors are decided according to the personality and keeping in mind the style of living, when it comes from Punam Kalra – I’m The centre for Applied Arts, it assures for the distinct style and appearance. This time Punam Kalra has launched dining Table.

 These are  the best units for compact interiors and homes with a small dining area, big dining area or no dining area at all.  Punam Kalra offers a wide collection of the dining table, crafted in trendy patterns, giving a unique look to the interiors of the rooms. The vast collection available at I’m the centre for applied arts varies in looks, comfort level, and aesthetics.

As per the different interior themes, Punam Kalra offers unique designed dining table sets, suiting different interiors. A very high-end fabric and colours are being used for interiors to provide it with the best for cozy at the same time a royal feel. The different designs of sets also differ in their aesthetics, with varying designs crafted on their wooden surface. Some of the designs give an ethnic-oriental look.