Write-up on – Five held,Clueless Murder case solved,within 48 hours by Kengeri Police :

Pramesh Jain

The clueless murder case has been detected by Kengeri police and all the five accused has been arrested within 48 hours.

The Kengeri Police Inspector Ramappa B Gutter,and his team has detected the clueless murder case within 48 hours and arrested a 45-year-old woman for allegedly contracting her brother’s murder by hiring four contract killers in order to stop her daughter’s wedding.
The prime accused has been arrested and the accused has been identified as , Gowramma,45,a resident of Maruthinagar,for allegedly killing his own brother by the contract killers identified as Mumtaz,28,resident of Raichur,Munna,22,resident of Koppal,Arju,19,and Sakeeb,19,both resident of West Bengal all the five have been booked for murder.
Investigating officer told,Gowramma has a 23-year-old daughter. Rajashekar had introduced her to one of his friends four months ago and the two fell in love. Rajashekar also supported them when they decided to get married. They were also engaged for three months. But Gowramma did not want her daughter to marry for love.She wanted her to marry a man she chose, Gowramma had allegedly tried to separate the couple on multiple occasions in the past and had failed because of Rajashekar’s intervention. On June 20, Gowramma allegedly approached her neighbour Mumtaz and is said to have asked her to hire men to kill Rajashekar.She knew she could not stop the wedding.So,she informed Mumtaz that the only way to stop the wedding would be to ensure that there is a death in her  family.The family members would then have to go into mourning for a year and hence the wedding would have to called off.She paid Mumtaz Rs 3 lakh and asked her to kill Rajashekar.On June 21, Mumtaz allegedly hired Munna, Arju and Sakeeb to kill Rajashekar. Rajashekar, who was a painter by profession, was allegedly lured by the trio to an abandoned building near Kalyani Layout on the pretext of a project to paint the inner walls of the house.When Rajashekar reached the abandoned house, he was attacked by Munna, Arju and Sakeeb.They stabbed him on his stomach, neck, chest and legs multiple times,Rajashekar’s body was discovered by the locals on the morning of January 22 in visveshwaraya layout.
Ramesh Banoth,DCP,West,told media persons that,as on 22nd June we received a murder complaint in Kengeri police station.A man named Rajashekar was lying in a pool of blood and was murdered brutally by some miscreants in a building in BDA layout.We had to identify the victim.We found an Aadhar card in his pocket.We observed that his throat had been slit and that he had been stabbed in the abdomen 3-4 times we formed a special team to investigate this case.After thorough investigation we found that five people were involved in the murder.Rajashekar’s sister,Gauramma was the main accused.She had a friend named Mumtaz contacted three contract killers to finish the job.The contract killers have also been nabbed and they have been identified as Munna,Arjun and Shakib.During investigation Gauramma has confessed that she was the killer she has confessed that she killed him because he was forcing his daughter to get married to one of his close connections Gauramma was not happy with this alliance so she had him killed he added.
Senior officer,told media persons that as on 22nd June our inspector of Kengeri Police station received a call from one of the neighbour of Maruthi Nagar in BDA layout as some person has been murdered as soon as the inspector Ramappa B Gutter received the call he and his team rushed to spot and noticed a man was lying a pool of blood and a gory murder has taken place as soon the inspector Confrmed that it was a murder he immediately informed the senior officers as ACP and DCP they too rushed to spot with Dog squad and forensic expert was also rushed to spot and after inspecting the whole area of the scene of the crime place the forensic expert got his Aadhar card in his pocket at the scene of the crime and based on the Aadhar card the inspector informed his relatives who also rushed to spot and a case has registered in Kengeri police station under murder case after registering the case and after getting the identity of the victim a team headed by Inspector,Ramappa B Gutter and his staff with crime staff swung into action first they questioned Gauramma Rajashekar’s sister as what led to murder is there is any enemy who has murdered him or it is murder for gaining property for this she said he is very quite person and he was not that kind of person to have enemity with anyone and he used to work as painter by profession and when the incident happened I was at my sister place she said to cops after questioning her cops dint get any clue then one team was pressed into action to collect all the CCTV footages from in and around the vicinity of murder scene the cops collected all the CCTV footages but they dint find any clue with it then the inspector took the case very seriously and it was pride for them to detect the case the inspector with the able guidance of senior officers he sent one team in Mufti or plain clothes near to Rajashekar’s house to collect details the team were asked to keep a close watch on the Rajashekar’s house and check all the movements and team was deployed the team after inquiring in the area got to know that the Rajashekar and his sister used to indulge in quarrel oftenly relating to her daughters marriage and based on this the cops then again called her sister for questioning after taking a technical support and after analysing her call details we found her sister is the last Person who has spoken to her before he was killed the team questioned her what they spoke in the last conversation she said to cops that we were discussing about the preparation of marriage of my daughter as the alliance was fixed by him only and our team got some suspicious and were not convinced with her statement then they again questioned her where was she when the murder took place she said she was at her sister’s house which made our team to get some clue and doubt on her and our team then visited near to her house and they got to know that before the murder Gauramma’s neighbour has shifted the house and one team was pressed in collecting information about the neighbours and the team after analysing the call details they got to know that Gauramma was in constant touch with one number and they used to speak hours together after getting details about the caller our team visited her work spot where our team got to know that the women has left the job and took new sim and after getting the number our team called her to know about the murder in which she said to our cops that she is not aware as what has happened as while having a conversation with her our team got doubt and asked her to come to police station and give her statement she dint turned up and she used to give reason to come to station a special team went and detained the women and during questioning her she admitted that Gauramma is the one who who has given money to her to kill her own brother and based on her statement our team detained Gauramma and during the course of investigation she confessed the crime and said she has given a contract to Mumtaz to kill her brother and she has demanded Rs.3 lakhs and she paid her by selling her own house and she said Mumtaz has hired three contract killer who used to work in under construction building as labourer and after collecting the information about them our team detained all the three before they flee from the city and after arresting them the team grilled all the accused who spilled the beans and it was revealed that Gauramma is the main prime accused who has hatched the plan to kill her own brother by hiring contract killers who called Rajashekar to a abandon building on the pretext of painting project as they were well known that he is a painter by profession so they called him to the building to paint based on which the victim Rajashekar visited the building as soon as he visited the building the criminals thrashed or slited his throat and stabbed him 3-4 times on his abdomen and killed him and the reason for the murder was ego to delay her daughter marriage as she was not happy with the alliance as she was not liking the person with whom her daughter was engaged she was not liking him and she was like she will only search a good guy for her daughter and get her married so to delay the marriage she did a conspiracy of getting murdered of her own brother by contract killers so the marriage can be delayed for atleast one year as whole family will be in mourning and then she can search a good guy by on her own  for her daughter and get her married as she had some bad thoughts about the present person so by selling her house she took the help of her neighbour who hired contract killers by paying them three lakhs to kill his own brother a case has been registered in Kengeri police station and all the five accused has been arrested and further investigation is on and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Alok Kumar,has appreciated,Addl CP West,Umesh Kumar,DCP West,Ramesh Banoth,ACP Kengerigate Sub-Division,S.Manjunath,PI,Ramappa B Gutter and his PSIs,as,Venkatesh Murthy,Venkateshaiah,Mahadevaiah,Smt.Vanajakshi,ASI,as, Virabhadrayya,with crime staff as, Pradeep,Gurumurthy, Virupaksha,Suresh,Pundalika and Arasu and others who has done a commendable job and detected the clueless murder case within 48 hours by arresting all the accused he added.