Government of Karnataka hikes traffic penalties for various traffic violations in Bengaluru to prevent accidents :Traffic Chief

Get ready to pay more if caught for any traffic violation from today in Bangalore as the Karnataka state government has issued a notification based on which the Karnataka state transport department has hiked traffic fines.According to the special gazette,contrary to fixing fines depending on vehicle categories.
For example,till now Rs-300 was flat fine for overspeeding of two wheeler,Four wheeler was Rs-500 now the motorist will asked to pay Rs.1000,and while driving if the owner is found seated in the back and the driver driving the vehicle in over speed then additional Rs.500 rupees will be added to fine totally they need to pay Rs.1500 for the over speeding as owner will also be equally responsible for this as when the owner is also in the vehicle the driver drives in over speed means the owner has not given instruction and educated the driver to drive slow for the safety of him and others,Like this till now Rs-100 was the flat fine for using mobile phones while driving or riding,now Rs 1,000 will be the first penalty of such an offence while offenders have to pay Rs 2,000 for subsequent violations.Similarly, driving without vehicular insurance will now attract a fine of Rs 1,000 which was previously Rs 500, while parking violation was Rs 100 but now it will cost users Rs 1,000 for the first offence and Rs 2,000 for future offences.
Using a mobile phone while driving will attract a fine of Rs 1,000 for the first offence and Rs 2,000 subsequently (earlier it was Rs 300 to Rs 500), while the fine for driving a vehicle without insurance has been increased to Rs 1,000 from Rs 500. At the same time, the parking violation will attract a fine of Rs 1,000 henceforth.
The notification,signed by M.Sathyavathi under Secreatery to the government (transport department),says that the penalties have been revised under the purview of motor vehicles Act of 1988
The revised fines have come into effect immediately after the gazette notification.
According to the notification, exceeding speed limit will earn the driver a ticket of Rs 1,000 while carrying goods with load projection on either side can get you fined of Rs 2,000.
The revised fines have come into effect immediately after the gazette notification :
P.Harishekaran,Additonal CP Traffic,Said last year BTP has sent a proposal to enhance the traffic fine government has taken it very seriously and enhanced the fine for various violations to prevent accident based on the report the Government of karnataka state has issued a new notification on Thursday as on 27th June 2019.In which there are four traffic offences fee the fine have been enhanced from 100 rupees to 1000 rupees.The four offences are,Over speeding,Using Mobile phone or any other electronic gadgets while on driving,Uninsured vehicles and wrong parking these are the four important matter in which the government has issued a special notification to enhance the fine amount.The objective of the state the objective of the government not collecting fine from the public but to reduce accidents and to increase safety and security in metropolitan city like in Bengaluru.It is all our image is there Bengaluru is internationally as very known city where a lot of accidents taking place therefore the government is very serious about it we have submitted the report a year back government has kind enough to consider the all the reports which we have submitted from the police department and Promoglated the orders yesterday enhancing amount from 100 ruppes to 1000 rupees.when asked about the increasing cameras in the city.Harishekaran said right now in Bengaluru City we have 1000 cameras are there there are three types of cameras among the 1000.PTZ cameras,RLVD cameras as Red light violations detection cameras,and Number plate recognition cameras,So in near future we are going to purchase 6000-7000 cameras altogether in another 1 year 1000 cameras to 10,000 cameras is going to be in Bengaluru city it will help the traffic department,law and order department and also crime department.When asked about the government has banned Ola and Uber pooling or sharing while has been stepped in for this Harishekaran said this is the policy matter where the government authority has to react the transport department it not falls under my jurisdictions will you conduct checking regarding this for this he said If they send the report to me for my opinion definitely I will offer my opinion.When asked about how are you going to check the speed as usual over speed is also one of the major offence for this Harishekaran said to check over speeding vehicles we have fifteen special vehicles known as Interceptor vehicles with gadgets to collect the speed of the vehicles so on which we can collect the amount on the based of the evidence based fine collection.Our aerials our aim our objective is not disturbing or humiliating any public.I want to repeat again so it is all evidence based we have lit of electronic gadgets with us and of course I can react to your question in Bengaluru city in CBD as Central Business District area this issue doesn’t arise normally because the speed limit in the hardcore bengaluru city the overspeeding is not a possibilities are very megere and I personally analysed that after 12 o clock I think so after midnight 12 o clock to 6 o clock we have to watch the over speeding within the city there is a possibility.But apart from that the peripheral roads the ring roads and international airport road and all major roads which are seven roads which connects to the bengaluru city there is a possibility of over speeding where we are going to concentrate on the issue simply to reduce the accidents and save the in major step taken on wheeling by the traffic department,Harishekaran said after assuming charge as a Commissioner  Traffic in Bengaluru city this is one of my very very important project because wheeling it is challenging the police it is not only offence it is challenging the police therefore in law and order crime we used to parade all the rowdies like that I have instructed my officers to call all these wheelie fellows or wonkers last 3 years 4 years and educate them properly because it is not only to endanger life of the wheeler and also the performer or the others it is the open challenge to the police department because there is a department existing here to protect the people this guys are challenging so for this we have to take stringent action against them.The revision in fines is also expected to make drivers more alert and to be aware of the importance of following traffic rules for his/her own safety as well as for the others on the road,When asked about the Bounce bike taxis menace in the city as they park wherever they want in Hapzard manner obstructing the traffic on footpath middle of the road on flyovers too in bus stop and other places he said we have received many complaints from public on various social media platform and the policy is with the government at any moment the papers will come out from union government.The proportion of the fine amount how many crores will increase that is the point which I bring to your notice.Auto drive is going on for not having display card till now 1000 autos has been prosecuted or seized across city. And coming future.We are issuing numbers to autos.and we are alloting numbers to all the autos as to detect crimes there is no harrasement nothing all the particulars will be available in the system at the headquarters we will give numbers to autos from 1 to 1 lakh autos it will be just sticker if any person left their belongings or if any auto driver has commited any offence or indulged in criminal activities the people can recognize and report that so and so stickered number Auto it will be easily to recognize.How people coming from other cities will come to know that the traffic police are penalising 1000 rupees for over speeding as it is not displayed anywhere for this Harishekaran said it is very good question and the over speeding doesn’t arise in the CBD area for your information generally the day time because the speed of the vehicle is very very slow down in the CBD area because of the vehicle population density.All the ring roads and also all the peripheral roads which approach to the bengaluru city there are six peripheral roads approaching here and international airport roads in international airport road you can see we have displayed at 100 places that 80 Kmph is the speed limit and one more information as per the analysis says Bengaluru city speed has reduced from 40 KM to 9 KMS because of the density of the vehicle population this particular we will collect the 1000 rupees fine from there is a possibility are there all the ring roads peripheral roads and international roads.there is no point in collecting 1000 from any rider in CBD area because of the density of the vehicles population and there are 44,000 junctions out of 44,000 junctions 358 are signalised junctions another 400 are manually operated managing junctions remaining all junctions are not in a position to do that the junctions are classified into three categories as,Aertial road junctions,Sub-aertial road junctions and third one is Colleteral road junctions.Traffic leads is based on a security aspects therefore the highest dignitaries of our Indian states like Prime Minister,President of India,Vice-president,Governor,Chief Minister,like that all top level dignitaries we are giving zero traffic.what about the Deputy CM because today he was on Dinnur road and the traffic was stopped for 20 minutes that is there that is there in the clearance we have for the Deputy CM also yes it is.After 1 week it will come into action.We have 600 gadgets as PDA which is getting upgraded he added.
Meanwhile Recently,15 th Finance Commission Committee headed by Shri NK.Singh, Chairman along with the other members visited Traffic Management Centre.Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru City Alok Kumar,welcomed the Committee, Mrs.Neelamani N.Raju,DG&IGP, Karnataka State made the key note addressed by,P.Harishekaran, Addl CP, Traffic, Bengaluru City gave a Power Point Presentation on BTP & TMC.In the team Mrs.Ekroop Kaur, IAS,Mr. I.S.N.Prasad, IAS were present.DCP Traffic East Dr. K.V. Jagadish, IPS,Mrs.Sarah Fathima, DCP Traffic North and Dr.SK Soumyalatha,DCP, Traffic West were also present.The commission raised a issue on traffic violations by two wheelers based on which commissioner of police Alok Kumar with Addl CP Traffic,P.Harishekaran has instructed the officers to conduct special drivers and create awareness in people to follow traffic rules and wear helmet and follow traffic rules and regulations by conducting a meeting,issuing new revised fines copy to auto drivers and educate them to follow traffic rules and save lives it said.
Statistics of fine collected from 2017-2019 till may.
Over speeding –
2017- 1,29,225 cases booked, about Rs.38.87 Crores fine amount was collected.
2018- 83,000 cases were booked,about 25 crores fine amount was collected.
2019 till may 23,000 cases has been booked,about Rs.69.46 lakhs fine amount has been collected.
Mobile phone –
Two wheeler, 2017- 61,000 cases registered against the errant motorists and we have collected 18 Crores fine.
2018- 48,000 cases were booked,about Rs.14 Crores fine amount was collected.
2019 -12,000 cases were booked,about Rs.37 lakhs fine amount was collected.
Transport vehicles -2380 cases were booked and about Rs.11.90 lakhs fine amount has been collected.
Insurance – in 5 months 3419 cases booked and Rs.17 lakhs fine amount has been collected.
No parking about Rs.1.88 crores fine amount has been collected by, 1,88,130 cases registered.
38 items has been proposed four has been implemented.
All the association head will be given information.
More 6000-7000 cameras in the downline of 8-9 months Bengaluru will have third eye of 7000-8000 cameras right now 1000 cameras we have out of 1000 cameras classified into three categories as,Bullet camera as PTZ cameras,RLVD cameras as red light violations detection cameras and third one is NPR camera that is number plate recognition cameras this are the three types of cameras which are there in Bengaluru City.
Meanwhile to make the public aware of the new traffic fines,DCPs as,KV Jagadeesh,Dr.Soumyalatha SK and Saraha Fathima,with Top traffic police cops in the city have also taken to Twitter,Facebook and other various social media platforms to spread awareness on the revision of fines.and their officers as ACPs,PIS,PSIs are conducting meeting with the Auto associations,Cab drivers association and other organisations and are educating and spreading awareness in people about the revised hiked fine and are instructing them to strictly follow traffic rules and save lives and special drives will be conducted.Many inspectors and staff were seen educating auto drivers,senior citizens,youths and college students near to Parks,auto stand,bus station and in many other public places they issued them a copy of new structured revised fines.
“Many in Bengaluru violate traffic rules with impunity as they know the fines are not that high.But now, we hope to see some positive changes in motorists’ behaviour said a senior official.
The new Cabinet,formed after the 2019 general elections, has approved the revised Motor Vehicles Bill. This bill was pending in the Rajya Sabha, after the Lok Sabha cleared ut in 2017, but the term change meant it had lapsed. The Bill is expected to be present to the Parliament in its upcoming session.
The big change is the much higher penalties for driving offences. Driving without a license will now call for a Rs 5,000 fine, up from Rs 500. Breaking speed limits and not wearing seatbelts can get you a Rs 1,000 fine, up from Rs 400 and Rs 100. Get caught using a phone or rash driving and you’ll have to shell out Rs 5,000, up from Rs 1,000. The fine for drunk driving has been raised to Rs 10,000 from Rs 2,000.
There is more protection in the case of accidents. A compensation of Rs 2 lakh or more will be provided to hit-and-run victims, up from Rs 25,000. In case a juvenile is involved in an incident, their parents/guardians will be held accountable unless proven innocent. A Motor Vehicle Accident Fund will provide cover to victims of accidents and a provision for the protection of Good Samaritans has also been made. Further, contractors, civic bodies and consultants will be held accountable for accidents arising out of faulty road design.
Aadhar is now compulsory for applying for driving licenses and vehicle registrations. The time limit for renewing your license will increase to a year before or after the expiry date.