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binod takiawala

Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi is pleased to announce,
NAIMISA Summer Art Program from 28 th May 2019 to 26th June
2019. The month long extensive summer program at NGMA, New
Delhi was started to create an environment for participants to come,
create and learn from practicing artists and their peers. A series of
ten inclusive workshops are going on to engage and increase visitor
engagement in the educational programs of the museum. The
workshops have been very well received with more than 400
Adwaita Charan Garanayak, Director General, National Gallery of
Modern Art mentioned that, “as the first Director General of the
National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), I firmly believe in making
museums more accessible to the public. Interaction with all sections of
the society while interpreting role of the museums in the 21st century
is an area that concerns me the most. As a public institution, the
museum with its repository needs to focus on the diverse modules of
interaction and foster dialogues with all sections of society. Summer
art program 2019 is a step further towards engaging all sections of
society with the museum and its activities. The title of the program
has been carefully selected as Naimisa, which represents a sacred
place where people offer shraddha. In the same manner I believe to
make the institution such a place which is devoted to education along
with its other major responsibilities as it is a national institution
devoted to modern and contemporary visual art practices in India. I
firmly believe in broadening the institution's horizon and
interpretations with the collection and its reflections in the visual art
practices, especially in the field of education. I am certain that this
would enable NGMA to engage with a wider audience by integrating it
with the social fabric of India and interaction between the displayed
artifacts and people who witness them. I congratulate the NGMA team

and the interns for the successful execution of the entire summer
program. I also express a heartfelt thanks to all our mentors who
have devoted themselves here for the workshops in an engaging
The series of inclusive workshops held during the Naimisa summer art
program 2019 emphasized on the aspects of Sculpture, Painting
workshop, Art of Printmaking, Life Study, Madhubani Painting,
Theatre, Film Making, Art for Specially Abled people along with a
special Workshop in Collaboration with Indira Gandhi National Centre
for the Arts titled Arayash: Great Tradition of Jaipur Fresco Painting.
This year parents, guardians and grandparents of the participants of
the workshops also engaged themselves in the creative processes and
large scale panels depicting their tryst with the paint brush and colors
can be seen around the entire campus. Selective art documentaries
were also showcased to expand their knowledge in different domains
of art such as Discovering Line, Discovering Form in Art, Human
Figure in Art, Introduction To Gesture Drawing, Alphabet In Art ,
Rhythm & Movement In Art, Discovering Creative Pattern,
Printmaking: Four Artists, Four Media, Introduction To Sculpture
Method, Discovering Dark & Light, Silk Screen Process In Graphic Arts
(Silk Screening in Art & Industry), Creating With Paper, Art From
Found Material, Non Objective Art, Introduction To Contour Drawing,
Exploring Relief Printmaking.
Following the dedicated approach of NGMA, New Delhi to include
students, young graduates and other sections of society to become
friends of the museum, an internship program was outlined in
conjunction with the summer art program 2019. Applications were
invited from young graduates from art institutions and other colleges
for the abovementioned program. Young graduates from institutions
such as College of Art, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi University, Technia,
Amity University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and several
other colleges were part of the NGMA Intern Team for the Naimisa:
Summer Art Program 2019.
The exhibition of selected artworks from Naimisa Summer Art Program
will be displayed in the administrative wing, NGMA for public viewing
soon. No entry fee will be charged for visiting this exhibition.
Brief information about the workshops is as follows:
28th May – 26th June (28 Days)

Art of Documentary Making Workshop for the entire duration of the
Naimisa- Summer Art Program 2019, Age Group- 18 years and above
with no closing age group
The participants of this workshop have been tirelessly documenting
the entire summer program and they have also produced
documentaries based on NGMA repository. The participants ranging
from beginners to professional photographers formed groups and
started understanding the dynamics in a team working environment.
They wrote scripts, documented workshops and found creative ways
to visualize their creative endeavors. They did a fabulous job of
documenting everyone’s journey of the workshop.
28th May – 6th June (10 Days)
1.) Sculpture Workshop – 11: 00 am – 12: 30 noon, Age Group- 5-10
years, 11- 17 years, 18 years and above with no closing age group
Over the course of ten days, the participants learned how to handle
and work with clay, ceramics and wood carving. It was an ideal
environment thanks to the brilliant instructors which allowed the
participants to let their creativity flow. The participants worked while
specializing in armature, relief sculptures and three dimensional
sculptures including realistic and abstract forms.
2.) Art of Printmaking Workshop – 2: 30 pm – 4:00pm, Age Group- 5-
10 years, 11- 17 years, 18 years and above with no closing age group
The participants over the course of the workshop were taught how to
make prints with simple materials. The instructors showed how to
carve a lino sheet and apply ink and use utensils like spoons and cups
to rub the ink off onto paper. The final products looked like
masterpieces even the ones made by 6 year old kids. The works were
not only monochrome, there was use of color inks and some abstract
work which involved applying paint on the sheet before transferring
the print. Towards the end, the participants were also shown how to
cast plaster of paris molds to make prints.
7th June – 16th June 2018 (10 Days)
1.) Painting Workshop – 11: 00 am – 12: 30 noon, Age Group- 5-10
years, 11- 17 years, 18 years and above with no closing age group

The painting workshop was yet another workshop with a massive
response in terms of the number of applicants. The workshop worked
with basic painting techniques, collage making, abstract art and many
more techniques to create two dimensional artworks. The participants
have been tirelessly working to transfer their ideas to a sheet of
2.) Art Workshop for Specially Abled – 11:00 am – 12: 30 noon, Open
for all age groups
This workshop took place at the same time as the painting workshop
in the same room but allowed participants to work with different
materials. The workshop focused on the idea that art can be for
anyone and everyone. The workshop’s participants also found an
opportunity to create with other people without the fear of anything.
This workshop became a very good example of Naimisa and created
an environment for everyone to grow.

3.) Discovering Myself Through Art and Creativity – 2: 30 pm – 4:00
pm, Age Group- 5-10, 11- 17 years, 18 years and above with no
closing age group
Discovering myself through art and creativity is a workshop designed
to bring together participants from all age groups and use theatre and
crafts to showcase the brilliance of every individual. The workshop
worked with the concept of creating plays while focusing a little on
stage design and costumes to allow groups of participants talk about
artworks and artists. This also allowed the participants to ignite or in
some cases reignite the fire in them to make art.

10th June – 16th June (7 Days)
Arayash: Great Tradition of Jaipur Fresco Painting – 10:00am –
5:00pm, Age Group -14 years and above with no closing age group
The workshop was conducted in collaboration with IGNCA and quickly
became one of the workshops to attract onlookers. The workshop
focused in reviving the dying art practice of Jaipur FRESCO painting.
The participants learned how to make a base out of soaked lime and
marble powder, how to make natural colors from raw minerals like
ayurvedic stones and then finally how to give it a final shiny coat. The

incredibly slow process was something that not only requires patience
but also is extremely rewarding once the
17th June- 26th June 2018 (10 Days)
1.) Art of Weaving- 11: 00 am – 12: 30 noon, Age Group- 11- 17
years, 18 years and above with no closing age group
This workshop is designed to draw people back to their roots. The
instructors aim to work with the participants to revitalize the tradition
of weaving and using looms. The workshop will not only focus on
traditional methods of creating artworks but also utilize contemporary
methods such as knotting and using textiles to hopefully create three
dimensional artworks as well.

2.) Life Study- 11: 00 am – 12: 30 noon, Age Group- 18 years and
above with no closing age group,
Selection will be based on practical tests held on 4th June and 13th
June 2019
Being one of the most traditional yet important techniques in drawing
and painting, after clearing the entrance test this workshop will focus
on making the participants understand the importance of anatomy in
this technique. The participants will be instructed to achieve bolder
lines and a stronger sense of compositions.

3.) Madhubani Painting – 2: 30 pm – 4: 00 pm, Age Group- 5-10
years, 11- 17 years, 18 years and above with no closing age group,
Madhubani Painting has been an integral part of the painting heritage
in India. The workshop will be focusing in generating a basic
understanding of the technique. The work will be done with natural
materials and colors and will make the participants work in the same
environment that the traditional artists worked in.

Eminent artists also graced the workshops to interact with the
participants. These sessions were extremely informative for the
participants. Some of the artists were:
Arpana Caur

A renowned artist who has travelled extensively and her works have
been showcased in numerous places around the world. She interacted
with the participants and teachers. She provided keen insights and
raised important questions which were fruitful for all the participants
in understanding their respective workshops better so that they could
achieve the most from their time at NGMA.
Vijender Sharma
Vijender Sharma is a critically acclaimed artist whose works are a part
of numerous prestigious collections. He helped the participants from
every age group by giving a live demonstration about the importance
of anatomy in painting. He brilliantly showcased how human anatomy
can be a starting point for bringing in multiple aspects of a painting.
Starting from the eye to the whole face, he sparked an idea in every
participants mind to help them create different artworks.
Savindra Savarkar
Extremely easy to talk to, Savi Savarkar has made multiple visits and
has become a pillar for everyone at NGMA. He has shown keen
interests in all workshops and proven to be a resource to share
knowledge about almost every workshop. Even when he wasn’t
sharing his knowledge he became a part of multiple workshops where
he helped participants learn better by becoming almost a translator.
Harshvardhan Sharma
Harshvardhan Sharma who is the Chairman of the advisory committee
of NGMA has been a vital part of the workshops. He had some very
interesting philosophies that stuck with participants, teachers, interns
and anyone or everyone who spent any time with him. He talked
about the idea of children being free and retaining their freedom for as
long as possible. There was another point that everyone praised which
was about how everyone was born with art in them and it is
completely fine if people are not so called masters. He has been a
source of constant motivation and put a smile on everyone’s face.