Time to revive inter-ministerial committee

Dr K K Aggarwal

Based on the inter-ministerial committee recommendations the Central Government should enact central act against violence at the earliest on the lines of one enacted in 19 states. And make the violence against doctors as non bailable offense punishable with 7-14 years imprisonment on the lines of abatement of a murder because violence against doctor can end up with death of other unattended patients

Violence against healthcare professionals is occurring with growing frequency in India. There is often an attempt to soften the outcry by blaming the medical professionals being cause of provocation.

The medical profession is not against accountability but no one has a right to take law in their hand

Every hospital and healthcare facility should identify high-risk violence prone areas in their establishment to be manned by adequate number doctors, CCTV cameras and adequate security.

Healthcare providers, who are victims of violence, must be adequately compensated.

Well-structured and effective Grievances Redressal mechanism at each clinical establishment should be established (both for patients or their relatives and for the healthcare providers).

Timely and transparent root cause analysis of every case of violence should be done

  • Healthcare professionals and Administrators shall not make loose, unscientific public statements demeaning other healthcare professionals.
  •  All CME lectures in the county taken by any medical professional shall contain a slide each for soft communication and bioethics