ongress and other opposition parties have resorted to undemocratic and negative politics as they have foreseen their loss – Manoj Tiwari No finger was raised on the EVM when the AAP had won 67 out of 70 seats in 2015 Delhi Elections – Manoj Tiwari

binod takiawala

New Delhi, 22nd May.  Delhi BJP Chief Shri Manoj Tiwari said that the Congress and other opposition parties have resorted to undemocratic and negative politics as they have foreseen their loss.  Some political people have been spreading the rumors that violence may erupt post the elections result, but we want to assure the people of Delhi that nothing of this sort is going to happen. Those who resort to violence would be effectively dealt with. These are the people who blame the EVM when seeing their loss and when they win they don’t say any such thing.

Shri Tiwari said that after coming to power with a landslide victory in the 2015 Delhi elections in which the AAP had won 67 out of 70 seats, no fingers were raised on the EVM . But foreseeing their potential defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, they are now mobilizing their workers to go on a protest after the results of the general elections are out, this is nothing but will be an insult to the mandate given by the electorate and an attack on constitutional institutions. After the electoral process when all the exit polls unanimously predicted that the BJP and its allies are going to win, the opposition with the support of tukde-tukde gang starting raising their fingers on the EVM to hide their failures. Congress dint raised any questions on the EVM when it was elected to power for 15 years in a stretch.

Shri Tiwari said that recently congress had formed Government in 4 States, and that time neither of the opposition party had seen any problem with the EVM.  The Supreme Court had rejected the plea of the opposition in regard to the EVM. Nonetheless, still if a question is raised over the EVM then it should be considered as the contempt of the Supreme Court. Sh Tiwari said that the mandate of democracy should be respected by one and all, if a political party faces defeat then it should overwhelmingly accept it rather than attacking the constitution or the lawful institutions. The constitution has enough provisions to manage any situation and no party should have the power to take the legal machinery in its own hands. Shri Tiwari asked the electorate of Delhi that they should not come under the influence of any lie or rumor and the people should not take any step which would effect the democratic set up of the country.