Security Scare in Bengaluru Metro: man refuses to undergo security check at Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Metro Station,flees from spot

PMetro stations are on high alert after a passenger’s ‘suspicious’ behaviour led to tension at Kempegowda metro station in Majestic on Monday evening.
A man in his 40s, on Monday, entered the Majestic Metro station and passed through the metal detector.As he crossed the detector,the machine beeped,indicating that he was concealing a metal object on his person.When security personnel asked the person to step aside,the man retreated and fled the station.
The incident occurred at Majestic Metro Station at around 7:30 pm on Monday.
Security Hightightened and beeped up at all the metro station across city.All precautionary measures has been taken for the safety of passengers says BMRCL.
Police are on the lookout for a man who fled the scene when he was asked to undergo a security check at the entrance of Majestic Metro station in Bengaluru.
Security personnel stopped the man,who seemed to be in his forties,when the scanner at the entrance beeped as he passed through it.Suspecting that he was concealing an object on his person, the official asked him to step aside. However, the man refused to comply and fled the station.
A house keeping staff at the metro station informed the investigators that a similar looking person approached her and asked whether she would carry out something if paid she said she has objectected to do it and he went off.
The incident was also captured on CCTV which was examined by police after the incident was brought to the notice of Ravi D Channannavar,DCP of Bengaluru West.
According to police,no details on the object or any other particulars are available at the moment.
DCP West,Ravi.D.Channanavar told media persons that there is no need to be panic and said a incident of man fleeing from the spot after the security personnel asked him to show the suspicious object at the security check has been reported at Nadaprabhu kempegowda Majestic Metro station a man who tried to barge in the metro station by jumping was noticed by a security personnel immediately he stopped him and was sent inside while he entered the door frame metal detector and hand held metal detector while frisking the detector started beeping as it was beeping the private security personnel stopped the person and when he went to call his superior the man fled from the spot later the security personnel informed his seniors who examined the CCTV footage and found that a man with suspicious object has fled from the spot but we are not sure what was the object only we will come to know what was the object carried by this person and why he fled the spot after we take him in our custody three special teams has been formed under the supervision of ACP Chickpet Sub-division Mahanth Reddy with other inspectors to trace the suspect and we have intensified and hightightened the security by deploying additional forces at all the Metro Stations,Bus Stands,Railway Stations,Malls and other various places and I myself with Internal security division officers and other officers visited the spot and inspected the area and we appeal the general public that there is no need to be panic as we have taken all precautionary measures and massive manhunt is on for the suspected person a case has been registered in upparpet police station and further investigation is on he added.
Meanwhile, security has been intensified at various spots.An additional police force has been deployed at the stations across Bengaluru.
Police have assured that there is no reason to worry but a hunt is on for the man to ensure that there is no untoward incident.