GAIL (India) Ltd. to launch a web series on environment

binod takiawala
GAIL (India) Limited has been creating awareness and inducing behavioral changes to ensure a greener and cleaner tomorrow through its movement Hawa Badlo. This movement has been actively working towards educating the Indian masses against air pollution through events, short films, contests, raahgiri, pledges etc on advocacy against air pollution, problems caused due to air pollution & solutions for curbing it.
Hawa Badlo will be launching a four episode web series over a premium OTT platform to subtly ingrain the message of a better lifestyle for a better environment among the Indian masses through an entertaining web series. The web series will be first of its kind that is being produced in India on such a serious topic where entertainment meets serious messaging. This web series would lead to amplifying the conversation around better environment as we approach the World Environment Day celebrated on 5th June 2019.
For the last three years Hawa Badlo movement has been able to mobilize collective societal efforts for improving the deteriorating air quality in India. Videos and short films made under this initiative have been appreciated by other countries as well. Hawa Badlo encourages sustainable and environment friendly lifestyle habits such as planting trees, cycling & walking, carpooling, using public transport, conserving energy and using cleaner energy sources like Natural Gas for industries, CNG for automobiles, PNG for commercial uses.
GAIL (India) Ltd has been extending full support to Hawa Badlo and efforts under Hawa Badlo movement have been successful to reach to more than 6 Crore Indians. GAIL India Ltd plans to support Hawa Badlo movement and empower the idea on a long term basis so that it becomes a national movement.