How to help this patient with 100% left main blockage

Dr KK Aggarwal
1. Ram Das is 48 years male from Agra.
2. He has symptomatic angina with limited effort tolerance, EF 25%, Left Main  coronary artery 100% occluded, PLV 100% occluded
3. His Ayushman Registration Number is 31353/33372/Dist 118/local body 800813/ward 4/ activation code 25192925/ Agra
4. GB Pant has given him a date for 8th July 2019
5. They have refused to give an early date and have asked him to approach any other entitled hospital. At HCFI we feel it’s risky to wait for so long.
6. Heart Care Foundation of India, to whom he has approached, can only make an appeal for help. As financially he is covered under the ayushman scheme.
What should be done in such a situation?
Will any hospital in this group offers to take him under Ayushman scheme.