Lizol aims to create a need for specialised germ kill solution with its new “Healthy home starts with Lizol” campaign

New Delhi, 04 April 2019 : Lizol, Global Number 1 Germ Kill brand, under the flagship of RB launched the new ”Healthy home starts with Lizol” campaign that aims to create an urgent need for specialised germ kill solutions to ensure germ free surfaces within homes.

Approximately 5,000 children get affected with Typhoid, Diarrhoea and Flu in India every day. These diseases are caused by germs that can also be found on household floors and easily be picked up by children. Kitchen and bathrooms carry particularly high levels of contamination, while kitchen cloth/ sponges are the primary route for cross contamination and spreading germs around the house. These can lead to people falling sick more often.

For ages, Indians have adopted various cleaning techniques like detergents, salts and phenyls to clean their homes unaware of its meagre effect on the dirt and germ that are accumulated across various surfaces. To create awareness around the risk associated with this preference, the new Lizol campaign highlights the ineffectiveness of using Phenyl and detergent to achieve germ free cleaning. Heat and moisture also aid in germ multiplication and with the weather conditions in India, this becomes even more important for people to keep in mind. The two new TVC’s aimed differently at both Phenyl and detergent users focuses on the need to clean our homes with a germ kill solution that is affective to ensure better health for our loved ones.

Commenting on the new campaign, Sukhleen Aneja, CMO, Marketing Director, South Asia RB Hygiene Home said, “Data shows that kitchen and bathroom are two of the germiest places in the house. In fact, it is shocking to know that a kitchen cloth is the most contaminated item of all. Looking at these facts, Lizol as a brand realised the need to help people understand how ineffective regular cleaning solutions are. There are a number of invisible illness-causing germs that lie around all kinds of surfaces in the house that can go easily undetected because the surface appears to be clean. With our new campaign “Healthy home starts with Lizol”, we want to establish the need for a specialised germ kill solution like Lizol that offers 10 X better cleaning and removes 99.9% germs. As a germ kill brand, we want to elevate the germ concern among Indians and also get them to act upon it by using a solution that truly kills germs and make it a part of their essential cleaning regime.”