-Dreaded Criminal,Rajendra@Benki Raja Psycho Killer,Murder Accused of KS layout police station nabbed after Shootout

The South Division police of Kumarswamy layout Police has opened fire on notorious dreaded criminal Psycho killer Rajendra alias Benki Raja.
Rajendra is a prime accused who is wanted in Kumarswamy layout murder case which took place recently and he was on run from past many years.
The accused has been identified as Pyscho Raja also known as Rajendra alias Benki Raja was shot around 4am on Saturday by kumarswamy layout police at Narayanpura, in Konanakunte Police Station limits.
Reason for the murder:No apparent logic.The accused just murdered him as he wanted to take whatever money the security guard is having with him to purchase Ganja as he was addicted to it heavily.He attempted a similar thing in JP Nagar two days back.
This operation was done by Kumarasamy Layout Inspector,Hazaresh Killadar,PSI.Shivkumar of Thalaghatpura PS,PSI,Srinivas Prasad of Konankunte PS under the overall supervision and direction of ACP,Mahadeva,of Subramanyapura sub division.
Lakshmi,Victim’s daughter said,At 9:30 pm my father,Ningappa left for work.At 5:15 am a few women came near our house and told that the security guard of a nearby ATM had been hurt we immediately rushed to the spot and found a stone lying nearby his dead was completely covered with blood we don’t know what happened but our entire family needs justice she added.
“Chargesheet will be filed in 10 days “
DCP, South,K.Annamalai,told media persons that,In the wee hours Kumarswamy layout Inspector,Hazaresh and Sub Inspectors were chasing the accused.The accused tried to pelt boulders and stones at our men in self defense our inspector shot at him.With one bullet hitting him in his arm and and two in his right leg.Accused is identified as Rajendran Alias Psycho Rajendran he has several other names,He also called by name Benki Raja he is 28 year old.On March 24th a security guard by name,Ningappa was murdered in front of an ATM the incident took place around 4.20 am the security guard was fast asleep when someone bludgeoned him to death with a stone the case was taken up by ACP of Subramanyapura and KS layout Inspector Hazaresh.We examined the CCTV footage of the ATM,but it went in vain the CCTV visuals were not clear and it was a challenging task for our team to track the accused.Our cops tracked visuals CCTVs over a stretch of 2 KM and then they were able to zero down the accused based on some clues we got to know that the frequently visits a place near double road based on the inputs the special teams led by ACP,Subramanyapura,Mahadev under the supervision of PI, Kumarswamy layout ,Hazaresh with PSI,Shivakumar of Thalaghatpura and their team rushed to spot and surrounded the area as the dreaded criminal should not get escape as soon as the cops found the dreaded criminal coming they screamed at him and asked him to surrender but he dint care to our staff and started throwing stones and boulders on our staff so the inspector Hazaresh first opened one round fire in air and asked him to surrender but he dint heed to this also and again he tried to throw stones and boulders on our staff to evade arrest and tried to escape at the same time in self defense the Inspector opened two rounds fire and shot at him on his both legs and he suffered bullet injuries with this the team successfully nabbed the dreaded criminal who is wanted in many murder cases and during interrogation he confessed the crime and we got to know that in 2010,He fought with his supervisor at his work place in rage,Rajendran killed his supervisor.He was arrested in 2010 and was released in 2014.In 2016 during cauvery riots he burnt down a few cars when he was 15 year old his sister died it is suspected that he might be involved in the killing of his sister.We are planning to reopen the 15 year old case we will look at in which police station the case was registered and how they closed it.According to our preliminary investigation the accused is involved in three murder cases. There’s no logic or a specific Modus Operandi in his heinous Act.He is Ganja addict whenever he is in need of money he bludgeons people to death with rocks he attacks those who are sleeping on the road side that’s what happened in Kumarswamy layout too.When a security guard was fast asleep he killed him by smashing his head with a stone and made away with Rs.350.Two days after this incident another incident took place in JP Nagar a person was sleeping on the platform again he Rajendra tried to kill him fortunately the victim survived we have registered an attempt to murder case against Rajendran.The victim is grievously injured and has been admitted to Hospital we suspect that Rajendran might be involved in this case too we will invoke all the possible case against him.Rajendran is just 28 year old and he is committing such heinous crimes I have instructed my team members to file to charge-sheet within 10 days this case will be dealt differently he has understood the working of our judicial system he is aware that it takes very long this time we won’t let that happen we will ensure the trial is properly monitored and we will proceed against him under possible section sections of IPC he added.
Senior officer told media persons that two special teams were led by DCP South,K.Annamalai,ACP,Subramanyapura Sub-Division under the leadership of Kumarswamy layout police Inspector Hazarish killadar and his team as Shivakumar, sub-Inspector of Thalaghattapura and sub- Inspector Srinivas Prasad of Konanakunte Police Station swung into action to trace the accused for the murder which took place in Kumarswamy layout police Station limits a Karnataka Bank ATM Security Guard Lingappa on March 24,was bludgeoned to death by some unknown person the team had a challenging task to trace this accused the team started collaborating the CCTV footages in the area the team analysed CCTV cameras in the radius of 2kms from the crime spot and in which they got some clues and after 2 days of the incident a man sleeping in the bus stand in JP Nagar he tried to kill him also but the victim survived and is taking treatment and a attempt to murder case we have registered against him as with the help of technical investigation skills and with the grass root level policing by the team has cracked the case with the arrest of Pyscho Raja.When the team traced the accused to Konanakunte Police Limits in Bengaluru outskirts, the accused pelted stones at policemen.Our officers warned him and fired in the air once,but he did not surrender and continued to attack.
As he dint stop to attack our policemen the Kumarswamy layout inspector Hazarish  fired at him in self-defence on his thigh and ankle was injured and he was taken to Sairam Hospital for treatment and none of the policemen were injured in the attack during the course of investigation the accused confessed the crime and said that he wanted to buy ganja and that is why he barged into an ATM to break open the machine.Since the guard objected, he murdered him.He also attempted to rob another ATM at JP Nagar and attacked guards with stones.With his arrest, police have solved three murder cases and one case of arson.Raja is a resident of CK Palya on Bannerghatta Road.Raja has been accused of setting his sister ablaze 10 years ago.Eight years ago,he murdered a supervisor of a private firm in Old Thyagarajanagar and recently killed a security guard, police added, stating that he was also involved in arson case during the Cauvery water dispute in 2016.DCP,South,K.Annamalai had visited the spot and appreciated the brave efforts of this team in quickly nabbing this accused within a short time of this murder case and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,T.Suneel Kumar,has appreciated,Addl CP West,BK Singh,DCP,South,K.Annamalai, ACP,Subramanyapura Sub-Division,Mahadev,PI,Hazaresh Killadar,PSIs,as,Shivakumar of Thalaghatpura police station and Srinivas Prasad of Konnanakunte police station limits with their crime staff who were part of this operation as a challenging task to trace this dreaded criminal they have done a tremendous job by the team and their brave hearts has been successfully in nabbing this Drug Addict accused within short time of this murder case he added.