Aero India show 2019:Around 300 cars gutted in fire near Bengaluru Air show

Pramesh Jain

Aero India show 2019:Around 300 cars gutted in fire near Bengaluru air show.
“Uncut dried grass could have aggravated blaze”.
‪Major fire witnessed near Aeroshow venue. Just when Supersonic PV.Sindhu took off in the LCA Tejas.Fire broke out in the parking area outside the air base. ‪DGP Fire Service MN Reddi Confirms 300 vehicles burnt, no casualties.Fire has been doused.
Nearly 300 vehicles were destroyed in a big fire at the parking lot of the venue of the air show in Bengaluru on Saturday afternoon. To help the affected vehicle owners, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) has decided to open a special desk at the Yelankaha RTO office.
As per the Report of  todays Fire Accident at the Bangalore Aero Show 2019 which has burnt more than 300 vehicles parked in the parking lot, the Transport Department has opened a Help Centre to assist in respect of documents pertaining to Driving Licence and Vehicle Registration at the RTO Yelhanka Bangalore.
For Assistance the owners of the vehicle can contact the following numbers in getting your documents copies.
080-29729908/29729909/mobile 9449864050.The Centre is open to assist on 24 /02/2019 (Sunday) Said by Senior RTO Official.
Fire at parking area of Aero India Brought Under Control
Today morning at around 1155hrs an unfortunate incident occurred, where in fire broke out in one of the parking areas outside the venue of Aero India 2019.
The parking area is located well away from the Aero India venue on the other side of the highway. All available fire fighting services, Rapid Action Force and NDRF teams were immediately mobilised.
IAF immediately launched one helicopter for aerial assessment, the helicopter assisted by providing effective directions to fight the fire.
The fire was brought under control by deploying more than 12 fire fighting vehicles. The cause of the fire was not immediatly known.
Ministry of Defence conveys its concern and is sympathetic towards all visitors to AeroIndia2019, who had lost their vehicles today on 23/2/2019, in an unfortunate fire accident.
1.A Helpdesk under DCP (Law & Order), Govt. of Karnataka  has been established at the site for issuing certificates to persons whose vehicles have been damaged for facilitating the insurance claim.
2. Helpdesk Nos. are 9480801415
3.The survey of damaged vehicles by the Insurance Companies is also being facilitated by the Helpdesk they tweeted.
Chief Minister of karnataka HD Kumaraswamy tweeted,The fire breakout at the #AeroIndia2019  show was unfortunate.I have directed Karnataka state transport department and the insurance firms to facilitate speedy validation of documents for hassle free insurance claim for the affected vehicle owners he said in his tweet.
DGP Fire,MN Reddi tweeted,Fire in the open field parking lot of aero show.Nearly 20 cars burnt.Fire fighting operations by Chief Fire Officer and 10 water tenders staff under way.#AeroShowOpenParkingAreaFire
Totally about 100 cars burnt in the fire.  Fire spread is controlled by creating a gap by removing adjacent cars.Fire under control now. No injuries or any harm to people reported. Likely cause: dry grass fire aided by heavy winds.#AeroShowOpenParkingAreaFire
In all,300 cars burnt in the fire incident. Fire fully extinguished now.10 Fire Force and 5 other fire engines fought the fire under the leadership of Chief Fire Officer,West.#AeroShowOpenParkingAreaFire.Fire has been FULLY EXTINGUISHED BY 2 PM itself, today.ADGP and DIGP, Fire Force,supervising operations.#AeroShowOpenParkingAreaFire.Fire fully extinguished one hour ago.  Cooling operations of the nearby areas also completed now he tweeted and said all precautionary measures will be put up for the safety of public and sufficient staffs were deployed on Sunday morning with the fire engine and bike Engine vehicles in and around Air Base Air Force Station Yelahanka for no untoward incident take place he tweeted.
The Air Show and Aero India venues were unaffected.There was no loss of life or injury, however, as per existing estimates around 300 vehicles were burnt or damaged in the process. Details of damage to vehicles is being ascertained. Afternoon air display continued on time..Defence Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman visited the spot on Sunday morning and took stock of the situation at Air Force Station Yelahanka where the Massive Fire Tragedy took place on Saturday.A Court of Inquiry has been ordered by the Ministry of Defence to investigate the cause of fire.