Peoples Party of India (Democratic)

binod Takiawala

Peoples Party of India (Democratic)
(At the beginning of the this press conference; our party pays homage to martyrs of CRPF and Army who have shed their life in the service of the Nation while fighting Pulwama terrorist attack. Please stand in silence for two minutes in their memory.)
Although the Constitution of India provides for the socio, economic and political justice and equality of opportunity and status, the major political parties viz. Congress and BJP who have ruled nation for the last 70 years have miserably failed to deliver either. More than thirty thousand farmers have committed suicide due to farm distress. Although 65% population survive for their livelihood on agriculture sector, it is completely ignored by the government headed by both the parties. More than five crores youths are on the live register seeking jobs. There is no uniform school education in India and the students from rural and poor background will not be able to with stand in the race of life. The socially neglected sections of the society are suffering. The privatization is affecting the socially neglected sections. Higher education has been privatized as the State is abdicating its responsibility. The deserving Backward classes students are not in a position to register for higher education. The governments led by both the parties have never bothered to enact laws and frame policies so as to bring socio-economic equality as per the objectives of the Constitution. They have miserably failed to establish welfare State as envisioned by the Constitution of India.
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar while delivering his famous speech in the Constituent Assembly on 26/11/1949 cautioned that the political democracy if not used to establish social and economic democracy, the very same people who will be deprived of their socio-economic rights will blow up the structure of political democracy which the Constituent Assembly has laboriously built. It is under this socio-economic background and caution from Dr. Ambedkar we have formed Peoples Party of India (Democratic) in December 2017 to provide socio-economic justice to the people.
We as a political party shall ensure representation by reservation in all walks of public employment including superior judiciary. We shall give precedence to the public sector over private sector. Women in this country represent 50% population of the country. We shall therefore provide 50% reservation to women in all walks of life. There are problems of manual scavenging. The people engaged in this profession have been denied their basic human rights. Our party shall ensure to do away with it by mechanization. The Crime rate against women is quite high. Rapes have risen by 88% since 2007 whereas conviction rate is abysmally low.
The Peoples Party of India (Democratic) shall ensure the fulfilment of the constitutional objectives for the citizens, particularly for the members of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Religious Minorities and to achieve these objectives the party has launched the Bhartiya Samvidhan Samman Suraksha and Samvardhan (BS-4) programme throughout India from First January, 2019. The party is holding the first phase concluding programme on Sunday the 24th February 2019, at 11:00 AM at Yamuna Sports Complex, Surajmal Vihar,