Notorious Rowdy sheeter dreaded criminal Nabbed and Tammed by Yeshwanthapur police inspector Mudduraj and his team. “

The North Division police of Yeshwanthpur Police has opened fire on notorious dreaded criminal rowdy sheeter Goutham a most wanted criminal. The accused has been identified as Goutham,22,year old resident Yeshwanthapur.
The accused is garneried with rowdy sheeter at the age of 22 years old and to bring fear in the hearts of people living in his locality he did this Hooliganism he is wanted in attempt to murder case and Molestation case also.  He is a prime accused in attempt to murder case of two merchants later one merchant identified as Maruti and Vinod Kumar in which one of the merchant identifed as Vinod has breathead his last breath and has succumbed to injuries on Sunday night.
DCP North,R.Chethan Singh Rathore,told media persons that,As on 24th January on thursday night two merchants were attacked by the rowdy sheeter Goutham and his associates Salman and Prashanth near Platinum city in Yeshwanthapur as the victims stated in their complaint that while passing from there they noticed some miscreants are attacking a person and threatening and to rescue the person they intervene in between but the miscreants were enraged and irked on the common citizens a merchants as Vinod and Maruthi for poking their nose in Goutham’s affairs the miscreants attacked Vinod and his friend Maruthi brutally with sharp edged Lethal weapons and injured them grievously the injured were shifted to nearest hospital by the public the miscreants escaped from the spot and a case of attempt to murder was registered against the accused in Yeshwanthpur police Station and based on the complaint Police Inspector of Yeshwanthpur police station Mudduraj formed two special team to nab the notorious criminals and as on 27th January the inspector received a tip off about the location of all the trio that they are at Platinum city acting on the tip off PI, Mudduraj and his two special team one team headed by PSI,Prashanth Patil swung into action and Cornered all the trio in the meanwhile his associates Salman and Prashanth managed to escape the two teams waylaid Goutham and two constables Bhajanthri and Shivakumar went to arrest him
To resist his arrest the rowdy sheeter Goutham attacked the constables with Sharp weapons and injured them and to protect the staff inspector Mudduraj opened three rounds of Fire in air in which one bullet was fired on his right leg from which he has sustained bullet injuries and both constable with the accused has been shifted to KC General hospital for further treatment and a detailed investigation was revealed that,As on January 24th the accused went in search of another man as while on search they noticed his friend it seems they cornered him and they were asking around the man whom they were searching in connection with dispute his accomplices were with him they visited the spot and noticed his friend and they started questioning him whereabouts but he said he does not know where is he the rowdy sheeter and his associates got irked and started attacking his friend and then the victims came in rescue of person in which they got irked and attacked the victims and injured them the accused said in his statement and it is all just a case of Hooliganism.A rowdy sheeter has been opened against this accused Goutham for his repeated offences by the Yeshwanthapur police.There are two cases of Attempt to Murder two of molestation and one for robbery has been registered against him he came out of judicial custody two weeks ago we are on the lookout for the remaining accused and finally Bengaluru Police commissioner,T.Suneel Kumar, has appreciated,Addl CP west,B.K.Singh,DCP North Chethan Singh Rathore,ACP, Yeshwanthpur Sub-division,Ravi Prasad,PI,Mudduraj,PSI,Prashanth Patil,and their crime staff as,Bhajanthri and Shivakumar of Yeshwanthpur police have been done a tremendous job in nabbing and taming the notorious dreaded criminal a case has been registered against him in RMC Yard Police station under relevant  sections and further investigation is on he added.