Effects Of Pollution On Teeth By Dr. Gunita Singh, B.D.S., M.D and Dr. Tanvir Singh, B.D.S., M.D.S. (Ortho), Dentem

Soni Sharma

1.Environmental pollution results from contamination of air, soil and water with the dioxins, which represent various biological activities. Teeth showed increased susceptibility to caries and they might become weak and  brittle .

2.Certain chemicals present in the air  leads to pathological attrition and consecutive pulp chamber perforations and various abnormalities of dentin and enamel.

3.It may also disturb maturation of the enamel matrix and inhibit development of the crowns and roots

4.There is also evidence that dioxins cause an accumulation of iron, which results in characteristic brown and yellowish discoloration of the teeth, especially in  the front teeth.

6.It has been also proved that pollutants can lead to  calcium and phosphate disturbances which eventually affects the hardness of the  dental tissues of the teeth.

7.Exposure during the pregnancy  causes increase in the eruption  rate of the incisor or the front teeth , delays in molar tooth  eruption and common absence of third molars or wisdom teeth , premature teeth eruption, impaired mineralization and hypodontia  or less number of teeth.

  1. Positive correlation has been identified between dental caries occurrence  and environmental factors like level of carbon oxide, Magnesium, silicon, iron, aluminum and copper .

9.Chlorine plays a major role in the most  crucial environmental problems which we face today –it causes pigmentation on the teeth and softening of enamel which leads to chipping or destruction of teeth.