Daler Mehndi received a gift – Rolls Royce Ghost.

Daler Mehndi received a gift – Rolls Royce Ghost 


Celebrities can have a massive impact on people’s lives, every fan knows this and they feel grateful for the cherished experience their famous idols provide to them, there are many ways to show your gratitude and gifts are one way of doing so, India’s favourite pop star Daler Mehndi recived a eyepopping gift today a *Rolls Royace Ghost* from his ardent admirer, he’s probably the first singer in India to receive such a worthy gift.
Speaking on this ocassion Daler said “I feel humbled and honoured be a recipient of such a warm gesture. By the blessings of Baba Guru Nanak I will keep continuing my mission of spreading joy and warmth to my fans thrugh my music and philanthropy “

Soma S Munshi