Notorious Dreaded Criminal Gang Busted by Upparpet police,Solved 31 cases,Recovered Cash&Property Worth Rs.40.74 lakhs.

Notorious Dreaded Criminal Gang Busted by Upparpet police,Solved 31 cases,Recovered Cash&Property Worth Rs.40.74 lakhs.
1 gang nabbed 28 cases detected.
A eight member gang including two women arrested by Upparpet police for their involvement in various crime.
The west division police of Upparpet police have arrested totally 8 persons including two women on charges of robbery and recovered Rs.3 lakhs in cash and 1255 grams of gold worth Rs.37.65 lakhs in total Rs.40.74 lakhs rupees stolen property hs been recovered from the gang.
They have solved two different cases and arrested totally 8 members.
In the first case they have arrested 6 member gang including two women for their roles in robbing passengers while traveling in bus and solved 28 cases reported in various police station across state.
In the second case the cops have even nabbed duo for pick pocketing in the bus and detected 3 cases.
Gang used to target people at city bus station.
Their potential targets were lonely person at City bus station in different parts of citiest too.
The accused has been identified as,Venkatesh,(39)year old resident of Bangarpet,Lakshmi alias Varalakshmi,(30)year old resident of Bangarpet,Manu Kumar alias Manu,(29)year old resident of Anekal,Bhagyamma alias Bhagya alias Sunami,(50)year old resident of Tamilnadu,Manja alias Panipuri Manja,(24) resident of Magadi,Amjad alias Angathsingh,(30)resident of Tannery road,Syed Ismail,(32),and Suresh,(49)both resident of Bengaluru.
Married couples identified as Venkatesh and Lakshmi of Bangarpet were the leader of the gang they used to draw up plans and assign them a location to the rest of the gang the gang was formed when they were serving their sentence for their individual crimes.
The special team zeroed in on the gang of 8 members and detected around 31 cases reported in various parts of city.
Modus Operandi :
The gang members used to travel in buses across state as passengers and used to target lonely passengers by following them and they used to Smere ash on victims to make them unconscious and used to escape with their valuables.
The gang used to visit Maramma temple before attempts it is said that this gang had a unique way for approaching their targets they used to visit Maramma temple before they set out their potentioal targets and before they undertook took their next attempt they used to offer Ash at the temple.The Ash was a mix of Burnt hair,nails and coconut shells.The gang even used to smere the ash on the victims which would make them unconscious they then make away with the gold the victim was wearing.
The gang used to follow people and snatch their bags in isolated place.
DCP West,Ravi.D.Channanavar told media persons that,as there was a rise in burglaries and innocent people were getting robbed in and around majestic bus stand so we led a special team under the supervision of ACP, Chickpet sub-Division,Niranjanraj Urs,Upparpet Police Inspector,T.D.Sathish Kumar and his team as PSI,Shivanand and his crime staff swung into action after visiting the crime scene the team with the support of  technical investigation skills and based on vital clues the team zeroed in the gang and during questioning it was came to light that they are habitual offenders who used to target commuters in and around majestic bus stand,the team grilled them and all the gang members spilled the beans and during the course of investigation they have confessed the crime and a detailed investigation by team it has revealed that the gang leader was Venkatesh and Lakshmi alias Varalakshmi who used to sketch a plan and assign them locations and the gang is involved in more than 30 cases and based on their statement the team has recovered stolen property worth of Rs.40.74 lakhs which includes Rs.3.09 Lakh cash.With their arrest we have cracked 28 cases and recovered 1,255 grams Gold and Rs.3.09 Lakh in cash have been recovered totally Rs.40.74 Lakh worth of valuables have been recovered.They would target people with jewellery follow them and snatch their bags and flee.They would dispose the loot near Srirangapatna,T.Narasipura,Kolar and Tumakuru,and cases reported in various parts of city has been detected,upparpet-9,Kalasipalya-5, Cottonpet-3,City Market,Chandra layout,Kengeri police stations ,two cases of each station,Jnanabharathi, Annaporneshwarinagar,Vyalikaval,vijayanagar,Ijuru Police Stations 1 each case with 3 pick pocket case registered in upparpet police station has been detected, and finally Bengaluru Police commissioner,T.Suneel Kumar,Addl CP West,B.K.Singh,has appreciated,DCP West,Ravi.D.Channannavar,ACP Chickpet Sub-division, NiranjanRaj Urs,PI,T.D.Sathish Kumar,PSI,shivanand.B.Gudaganatti, Janardhan,and his crime staff as, Srinivas Shetty,Akram,Narayan,Manjunath, Siddaraju,Harish,Arif Pasha,Jeerappa Kannal,Gangadhar,and Prakash has been Successful in nabbing this gang of 8 members including two women the team has done commendable job in recovering the valuables from them and for their exemplary work we have rewarded the whole team he added.