Notorious Dreaded criminal arrested,26 cases detected Property worth Rs.40 Lakhs recovered by Gangamangudi Police

Notorious Dreaded criminal arrested,26 cases detected Property worth Rs.40 Lakhs recovered by Gangamangudi Police,
“Single handed operation dreaded criminal burgled 26 houses in North Division is finally behind bars. “
Man arrested on charges of burglaries by Gangamangudi police and recovered 1247 grams Gold ornaments worth of Rs.40 lakhs.
The accused has been identified as Loknath,42,year old a resident of Rajajinagar.
Single handed operation by this notorious thief has burgled more than 25 houses in North Division.
Modus Operandi :
Plans his action meticulously he will be scouting for apartment. First he will decide upon the area he wants to rob he than roams around the area in his bike and will be in look for apartment complexs with To-let boards then he used to approach the landlords and gets from the information such as number of tenants in the apartment,complex what they do how many house are for rent and so on he then will decide and zeroin the flat and then he will burgle and after he makes sure that no one is in the flat he will breaks the door and he will burgle the house with valuables and he will do this whole operation in just half an hour a single handed operation.
DCP North,Chetan Singh Rathore told media persons that,earlier this month on   8th August he burgled a house near Gangamangudi police station and escaped luckily the cops retrieved his picture from a nearby CCTV camera and based on a complaint a special team was formed and swung into action and with the technical support the team managed to arrest him and during the course of investigation the accused confessed the crime and based on his statement the team has recovered 1247 grams of gold ornaments and other things worth of Rs.40 lakhs and we have several cases filed against him in our division he conducts burglaries both during the day as well as at night.He manages the entire operation single-handed.Before robbing the house he makes note on the habits of the family members,their surroundings and checks out if there are any CCTV cameras in and around the house.He also finds out if there is a watchman.He just waits for the right time for the burglary.He breaks into the house quickly and steals everything that’s valuable and with his arrest we have detected 26 cases registered against him where in he has burgled 26 houses the cases detected are,Gangamangudi police stations -5 cases,Peenya police stations-7 cases,Soladevanahalli police stations-3 cases,Jalahalli police stations-1 case,Bagalgunte and Yeshwanthpur police stations 5 each cases has been detected and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,T.Suneeel Kumar,has appreciated,Addl CP West,B.K.Singh,DCP North,Chethan Singh Rathore,ACP,Yeshwanthpur Sub-division,Raviprasad,PI,Smt.Mary Shylaja,PSI,Naveen Kumar,ASIs as,Lakshmaiah,D.C.Nagaraju and crime staff as,Jaganath,Nagaraju,Mudathsar Najar Bagegowda,and Melgiri has done a tremendous job and nabbed notorious thief who has burgled 26 houses in various police station limits and recovered stolen property worth Rs.40 lakhs from his possession he added.