Making the right choice for physiotherapist at home

New Delhi, 24th August 2018- Need for physiotherapy is increasing in country. This can be attributed to rising geriatric population, bad postures owing to sedentary lifestyle and exercises and sports-related injuries. Due to paucity of time, many people requiring physiotherapy miss out on completing the prescribed schedule of physiotherapy because of work commitments, inconvenience of going to hospitals regularly and other reasons. But now, credible and quality physiotherapy by highly experienced and trained experts can be availed at the comfort of patient homes. Many home healthcare solution providers have forayed into physiotherapy at home solutions.

However, while space is now competitive with plethora of choices, finding the right help, opting for the near-to-perfect physiotherapist and the right mix of services could be challenging for many. While local clinics may provide such a help at home, they may not have the right implements to provide the best care. On the other hand, branded clinics may come at a cost. Striking a balance between the right choice and the best service could be a task!

Dr. Yashwant Pratap, Consultant Physiotherapist at IVHSeniorCare said, “Physiotherapy at home is a boon for senior citizens. A recent report highlighted than the number of 65 years+ old in India will triple by 2030. Among many challenges in old age is joint pains, muscle weakening and body pains. Increasing trend of nuclear families and migration of young adults to big cities for jobs often leave senior citizens to fend for themselves. Going to the hospital regularly for physiotherapy can be very inconvenient and costly as well. Quality physiotherapy at home is now available at comfort of elderlies’ home and in many cases, is more cost effective as well. There are specialist physiotherapists who cater to needs of senior citizens now available.”

How can consumers make the right choice?

Until recently, home care has been a nascent industry in the country. With the entry of leading hospital chains, healthcare companies and technology-based startups, home care, and especially, physiotherapy at home promises an evolved market in the country. This means that consumers have a number of options.

The answer to this lies in the methodology adopted by companies in the process to provide the care at home. Right from the first call for assistance to the stage where services are provided at the house of the patient, process oriented healthcare service providers monitor each and every development of the care. In addition to this, a proper log is maintained. This way, the progress of the patient’s condition can be tracked.

Dr. Gagan Kapoor, head of physiotherapy at HealthCare atHOME says, “Dr. Gagan Kapoor, head of physiotherapy at HealthCare atHOME says, “A good parameter to select physiotherapy at home solution providers would be to look at both clinical and non-clinical support. Being qualified, the service professional assesses patient’s all physiotherapy related needs and should be ready to provide patient with quality care. This comes post a detailed initial assessment of the patient’s condition. Being pioneers in providing physical therapy services at home, HealthCare atHOME brings in care after patient’s clinical condition is evaluated by a trained clinical evaluation team and executed into a care plan. The plan which is finalised and recommended to a client is carefully tailored to the needs of the client, preferred beginning and ending time of the services, frequency of the visit and duration of the session etc.”

Dr. Surender Singh, Head of Department – Physiotherapy Dept, Fortis Noida said,”Healthcare awareness has increased the demand for physiotherapy at home. At times, it becomes difficult for the old patients and working women to visit hospitals or clinics for the regular sessions because of the logistics and time constraints. Physiotherapy sessions at home are boon to such patients and have a high impact on their quality of life. Globalization has improved the access to the knowledge, which in-turn replicated as intelligent patients and high-quality professionals. The professionals are goal oriented and develop short term and long term recovery goals based on detailed assessments. When such high-quality care is provided in the comfort of home in the time of patient’s choice, it is always satisfying. Patients get one on one attention of the physiotherapist, which may not be possible in hospital or clinic setup. The recent popularity of supervised exercise programs has also provided an impetus to the physiotherapy at home.”

What should you look at while selecting a home care physiotherapist?


Non Clinical Clinical
Patient satisfaction levels are high Detailed assessment is done keeping in mind the outcome and the target
Well-trained qualified physiotherapist Customized treatment
24X7 backup Regular monitoring
Service provider offers to have a clinical progression report Service provider has defined clinical scales for each problem
Hospital like care at home with all equipment and solutions Service provider runs clinical training programmes for patients from time to time.


What lies ahead?

As the market for home care continues to evolve in the country, the services standards will continue to get better. What will differentiate serious players from the non-serious ones is the levels of customer care around the services. While efficiency and service standards will be the key, quality of care at cost effective rate will matter in the long run. Cost sensitive Indians will continue to look at services which can outsource the entire care at affordable rates.