Massive enforcement drive on wheelie wonkers around 100 bikes seized by Bengaluru Traffic Police in 18days

Massive enforcement drive on wheelie wonkers around 100 bikes seized by Bengaluru Traffic Police in 18days.
“Traffic Cops Cracked Down On 100.Doing Wheelie Bike stunts on roads.”
The Bengaluru city traffic police on Saturday paraded atleast 96 bikes that were seized from the youths who were engaged in wheelie and drag racing.
As many as 152 notorious wheelie Cliff or wonkers arrested and 165 cases were booked and atleast 160 two wheelers have been seized by all the 44 Traffic police Station across city in last 8 months.
In just 18 days traffic Police have seized around 100 motorbikes,almost all of them modified for increasing thrust,speed and engine noise of the bikes.
Most of the riders are school dropouts and some are mechanics,college students,electricians,welders,plumbers and others.
The stunt riders had their dedicated Whatsapp groups in different names as mad boys,lion gang,and many bikers were crazy about number 46 which is a bike racer Rosy number most of the bikes had these numbers and some have even putted a sticker of evaluation with Play boy stickers,and in one bike it was written Mom Says no wheeling but the notorious son the rider performed stunts and nabbed by cops and now his bike getting rotted at police station.
To perform wheelie they get altered their bikes by nitrogen power with defective silencer and metal type number plates with cutted the mud-guard as while performing it should result in spark and nowadays they have changed their Modus Operandi first they used to fully Modify the bike but now they are cutting their half of the mud-guard till number plate to confuse cops but the cops said we have trained and we have techniques to identify the wonkers bike and whatever ideas they use we will not spare them senior officer said.
The city police have rounded up over 152 youths in 8 months who were involved in bike racing and rash driving triggering panic among the public on various arterial roads.
Modified bikes ranging from Hero Honda,Yamaha RX 135,Pulsar, Dio, and Honda Activa were displayed.
Based on instructions by Addl CP Traffic,R Hitendra,DCP Traffic East,Anupam Agarwal,DCP Traffic North,Sara Fathima led a special team under the supervision of ACPs as,Virupakshappa,R.I.Kasim,
Anthony John,Thimmaiah,T.Basheer Ahmed,Siddalingappa,formed a special team and based on credible Information
to our special squad with the photographs of youth performing wheelie on various social media platform that many youths are indulged in performing stunt rides in outer ring road and in some aertial roads,we deployed inspectors and staff in plain clothes to crack down on the
violators involved in such freewheeling the operation freewheeling was conducted rigorously across city and nabbed more than 150 violators in different police station limits of Bengaluru city.
DCP Traffic North,Sara Fathima said as on 12th August at 1pm Kumarswamy layout traffic inspector Nagaraj and his officers and men with the help of Thalagattapura Law&order police officer and men and Nice road staff has done a joint operation by closing the roads from the both sides and
seized 19 two wheelers who were performing wheeling at Nice road and arrested 11 persons.efforts is under progress to catch obsconding offender and the arrested persons are identified as,Dinesh,Roshan,Jaavin,Santhosh,Sayyad saheba,Lokesh,Jishan,Shif,Siddiq,Vinay kumar,Ravi kiran and were released on station bail she said.
The Banashankari traffic police inspector,Janardhan and his squad arrested six youths for performing wheelies and other stunts and endangering the lives of motorists.The arrested have been identified as Karthik, 19, Manoj, 20, residents of Srinagar; Nitin, 20, a resident of Yediyur;Amin Khan, 20, a resident of Laggere,Nataraj and Nikhil all the six were caught performing dangerous stunts near swimming pool,PES college,and kanakapura road.
Basavanagudi traffic inspector,Papanna and his staff nabbed a notorious stunt rider who used to perform dangerous stunts on busy bull temple road near BMS College and was nabbed finally after hard efforts and the culprit was identified as Faizal resident of Valmikimagar and his vehicle was seized.
Jayanagar traffic inspector Dilip Kumar and his special squad has nabbed atleast 10 youths performing dangerous stunts on RV College road and in 6th block jayanagar and their bikes has been seized.
City market,Upparpet,Vijayanagar traffic police station inspectors as,Somashekar,Suresh and Errana and their special squad has nabbed 2 stunt riders from each station who were caught performing wheelie on the public roads.
Cubbon Park traffic inspector,suresh and his squad has nabbed one notorious stunt rider for performing dangerous stunts near Ambedkar road his vehicle has been seized.
Halasuru traffic inspector,Yogesh Kumar and his team has nabbed a notorious stunt rider identified as,Raju @ Tony s/o murgeshan age 22 year old and a resident of Murphy town he was caught while performing dangerous stunts and his vehicle was fully modified it was fixed with gas cylinder instead of petrol tank and were fitted with altered silencer and it was difficult to identify the brand of the vehicle as the rider has modified the bike he used 5kg LPG cylinder instead of petrol and his silencer was also altered with high decibel sound and he changed the without gear vehicle into gear vehicle with automatic on and off system and fixing cylinder in the bike is risk to the rider and others on the road as while performing stunts if the rider loses his balance the cylinder can result in busting which may risk many peoples life on road.As per the regional transport authorities no vehicles should be modified without their permission such vehicles registration certificate and Driving Licence will be cancelled said a senior RTO official.
K G Halli traffic inspector,Siddarangappa and his special squad has nabbed wheelie Cliff Augustin Rowe, 23 yrs was detained at Lingarajapuram for performing dangerous stunts and the Rider was arresteed with Vehicle and his mobile was seized from him.
In another special drive by chikkajala traffic inspector and his special squad has nabbed notorious stunt riders who were performing dangerous stunts on NH7 and arrested 7 youths are identified as,Jabeer Sharieff,Harshad Khan,Jayanth,Kiran,Naveena,Sahiba and Mubarak they were caught by the team on 15th August evening said DCP Traffic North,Sara Fathima.
All the 96 vehicles mentioned above were displayed at Frazer town Traffic police station, and the same was inspected by, R Hitendra, Additional Commissioner of Police Traffic,along with DCP Traffic East,Dr.Anupam Agarwal,DCP North,Sara Fathima with all ACPs and PIs were present and after inspecting and collecting information about the modified vehicles displayed at the frazer town traffic he said , Recently on our various social media platform of traffic police was getting lot of complaints that people were indulged in wheeling and rash driving in city roads.In order to catch them we had constituted a special team for operation wheelie, a special team and squads were swung into action from all the 44 traffic station with the photograph and videos we received, and under the leadership of DCPs as,Anupam Agarwal,Sara Fathima,ACPs and PIs with their squads swung into action and based on the information to the team the team nabbed totally 96 youths who were caught for performing wheelie stunt rides on public roads which is not permitted as per law and the special drive was conducted from 1st August till 19th August atleast 100 youths have been arrested and produced before the court and the team is looking for mechanics who altered the Motorbikes to perform stunts and the mechanic will also be booked and the bikes used for such stunts will be confiscated.“We are also recommending the transport department to cancel their driving licences and registration certificate too.If the culprit is a minor, then action will be initiated against the owner of the vehicle.So this time we will recommend to courts not to release these modified vehicles we have identified a mechanic who does most of these alterations and modifications and we will book him for abetment.In all the cases that we registered against the offenders, they are either bailable or can get away with a fine.We will conduct awareness programmes in various schools and colleges about the adverse effect of wheelies in the coming days.This programme will also be extended to family members,along with advertisements and we are spreading the news through our social media platform on twitter and we have got good response in cracking down the stunt riders as they endanger not only the lives of riders, but also those of other road users,and a case has been registered in the concerned police stations,under section 279 IPC,129,183,184,189,3 (1)/181 IMV Act and were released on bail and a special team is formed to nab the other absconding stunt riders,and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,T.Suneel Kumar has appreciated,Addl CP Traffic,R.Hitendra,DCPs as,Anupam Agarwal,Sara Fathima,and their team as,ACPs as,R.I.Kasim,Virupakshappa,T.Basheer Ahmed,Thimmaiah,Anthony John,Siddalingappa,PIs as,Yogesh Kumar,Prabhakar,Raghupathy, Sanjeevrayappa,Suresh Raju,Vijee Kumar,Siddarangappa,Feroz Khan,Vasanth Kumar,Dilip Kumar,Suresh,Chandrakala,Janardhan, Nagaraj,Somashekar,Pappana,Diwakar, Raghavendra,Sreenivas,Narendra Kumar,Sadananda,Jayram,Papanna,Errana,with all other inspectors,and special squad as,Kantharaju,Prashanth,Mohan of Jeevanbhimangar,Basavaraj,and other squads of all traffic stations has been appreciated for the commendable and tremendous efforts shown to nab these wonkers vehicles and arrested 96 persons involved in dangerous stunt riding on public roads and we thank the public who joined hands with us by sending WhatsApp messages with footage and photographs of bike stunts to curb the menace and a drive will be continued in future also and I appeal to public and citizens to not indulge in wheeling as it is dangerous to you and other also we appeal to all please drive safe and stay safe and think about your family members who will be waiting for you so please stop stunt rides and wheelie and we warn the mechanics who ever is modifying the bikes without RTO’s permission a strict legal action will be initiated against the rider and mechanic on the charges of abetment he added .