Parampara Series 2018

The Parampara Series was launched by Natya Tarangini keeping in mind the necessity to bring the common masses closer to the Indian traditions and culture and to ensure that the rich Indian Heritage is preserved for generations to come.  Natya Tarangini has been successfully spreading quality art among its audience through its annually organised National festival of Music and Dance titled ‘Parampara’.  Under this series, Natya Tarangini has presented various stalwarts but our endeavour is not restricted to bridge the gap between the legendary artists and audience but also to give platform to the young talents who are trying to make their foothold in the world of art and culture.

Taking forward the annual ritual of organizing the ‘Parampara Series’ – National Festival of Music and Dance in the capital city of India,  Natya Tarangini and Dr(s). Raja Radha Reddy and Kaushalya Reddy are showcasing the Parampara Series – 2018 from 10th – 12th of August, 2018.

The festival has featuring this year renowned artist from all of India Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Dhananjayans, Abhishek Raghuram, Uma Dogra, Pandit Rajan & Pandit Sajan Misra and of course Radha Raja Reddy.

The eminent guest were spotted at the events are Jitendra Singh,Manju Singh, Rajiv Pratap Rudy,Neelam Pratap Rudy, Mridual Pradhan, UshaRaje Scindia, Abha Dalmia,Anjum Chopra Former Cricket Captain of Indian Women’s team,Padma Bhushan DR.Uma Sharma Kathak Dancer and many more.



Suryam Pranamamyaham In the ancient Hindu scriptures, it is believed that before creation, when there was utter darkness, an endless Egg was materialised, in the midst of which, Pitamaha Brahma was present atop a lotus stem. As he broke open the Egg in the middle and from his mouth emerged the ‘MahaShabda’ (The Enormous Sound) ‘AUM’. This Sound was followed by the foremost Sound ‘BHU’; then came BHUVAH, followed by SVAHA; the Sum of these three echoes formed Surya the Sun.

‘Surya’ the Hindu god of the Sun is considered the creator of the universe. The main deity of the Navagrahas or the Nine Planets of Hindu Astrology. The centre around whom the other eight grahas revolve. Surya is often portrayed as riding a chariot driven by seven horses, all with rays of light shining from them representing the seven colours of the rainbow.

Since radiance and radiation constitute the essential ingredients of Srishti (Creation) Surya is considered the source of all life. He is the supreme soul who brings light and warmth to the world. Even Lord Brahma said that Surya Deva was the nucleus of Vedas, and the featureless ‘Para Brahma’ Swarupa possessing all powers of Creation, Preservation and Annihilation. Surya is also worshipped as a symbol of health and immortal life. Hindu religious literature, Surya is notably mentioned as the visible form of God that one can see every day. He is Savitur, the begetter; Pushan, Nourisher; Vivasvat, the Brilliant; Bhaskara, the Light-maker; Dinakara, the Day-maker; Loka-Chakshuh, the Eye of the World; Karma-Sakshi, the Witness of the Deeds; and Graharaja, King of the Constellations.The Sun is the vision of the divine, who removes darkness and fills our body and soul with his radiance.

  1. VISHWA MOHAN BHATT‘Desert Storm’ presentation will be presented by Padm Bhushan Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt ji and Tantree Samrat Pt Salil Bhatt with the iconic Rajasthani folk musician ensemble along with Pt. Ram Kumar Mishra on tabla. There will be a number of folk melodies namely Baalam ji mhara, Dama dum mast kalander, Nimbuda Nimbuda, Hichki, Kesariya Baalam. These compositions are in 6 and 8 beats rhythm cycles. Based on ragas Kirwani, Bageshwari, Maand, Desh and others. The presentations symbolise the essence of the desert, hope, longing, joy and the spirit of festivities.