Honey trap racket busted,Trio arrested for extortion by Soladevanahalli Police recovered property worth Rs.1.70 lakhs

Honey trap racket busted,Trio arrested for extortion by Soladevanahalli Police recovered property worth Rs.1.70 lakhs.
Soladevanahalli police have busted honey trap gang 3 members gang including  women with two men has been arrested on charges of robbery and blackmailing innocent people .
The racket was busted when the gang tried to extort Rs.1 lakh from a businessman who approached the police.
The accused has been identified as Arpitha ,22,resident of Chikkabanavara and native of Tumakuru,Pavan Kumar,25,resident of Chikkabanavara and resident of Chikkanayakanahalli,siddharth,45,a resident of Madiwala and native of Belagavi.
Modus operandi was,Arpita would lure people by sending friend request to men on Facebook and once she befriend them and once anyone accepts her friendship and as After getting to know them,she would invite them to her house for physical relationship where their meeting would be recorded,As per their plan,two persons would barge into the house posing to be either from the police or media they would lock the victim in a room and extort their valuables by threatening to make the video viral and send to their family members and they would even threaten to register a case under immortal trafficking against them.
DCP,North,Chetan Singh Rathore,told media persons that based on a complaint registered by a grocery shop owner at soladevanahalli police station stating that a lady by name Arpitha has befriended him on facebook somedays before and after getting to know she invited him to her house for physical relationship and offered him a cup of tea and and later she took him into the room Pavan and Siddharth would forcibly enter the room posing to be police officers and locked the room and started taking his videos and blackmailed him citing to spread it on various social media and even to their family members,and they demanded gold jewellery worth Rs.1.3 lakh that he had on him.They also forced him to withdraw Rs.55,000 from the ATM to hush up the case and as they are not satisfied, the trio started blackmailing him for more money of Rs.1 lakh.After learning the Modus Operandi of the gang a team headed by soladevanahalli Inspector Venkategowda and his crime staff swung into action and based on the information provided by the complainant and with the reliable inputs our team raided a house in Chikkabanavara and secured all the trio from the house where they used to run a racket of honey trap and during interrogation our team grilled all the trio have confessed the crime and it was revealed that the prime accused Arpitha used to open a fake account and send friend request to men and once accepts her friendship and after getting to know them closely she would invite them to her house for physical relationship and then her boyfriend Pavan and his friend would barge forcibly in the room posing as police officer and would make videos and blackmail innocent people by threatening them to make the video viral on the various social media and to their family members and even threatened to register a police complaint against him on charges of immortal trafficking and extort their valuables getting,by arresting this notorious trio we have recovered gold jewels worth Rs.1.35 lakhs and cash worth Rs.35,000 has been seized from their possession and the accused has been remanded to police custody for further investigation by the court and the gang has confessed to duping many people,but no one had complained so far fearing adverse publicity and finally Bengaluru Police commissioner,T.Suneel Kumar,Addl CP West,B.K.Singh,
has appreciated,DCP North,Chetan Singh Rathore,ACP,Yeshwanthpur sub division
Raviprasad,PI,Venkategowda,PSI, Somashekar and his whole crime staff for busting the honey trap racket and nabbing the trio and recovering the valuables and cash from them he added.