India is an agglomeration of all beauty, adventure and leisure that any place in the world can offer. 28 States and each state have something unique to offer to tourist whether it’s the life style of people, culture and traditions, the food, or the geography. In the North lies the beautiful hill station offering views of Mighty Himalayas, green valley, cool breeze and snow laden towns. The Himalayan peaks act as a magnet attracting mountaineers from round the world. Eastern part of the country displays a different picture and offers you with experience of the tribal way of living. The Cuisine and attire of the people also differs with the states. Every state has their specialty and will leave your mouth watering and your taste bud will desire for more. Due to the variation and variety in food, Delhi has allocated Bhawan to each state where you can have a taste of their specialty and know about the state before planning an actual visit. Blessed with mighty rivers, the country has a rich drainage system. From the holy and biggest river “Ganga” in North to Dakshin Ganga the “Godavari” in the South to Brahmaputra in the east to Narmada in the West and the list is endless. Spiritualism, faith in God, devotion and dedication towards supreme soul can be experienced in no other country but India. Laden with about 100 National park and more than 500 wild – life sanctuaries, the country is blessed with rich wild – life and is a attractive destination for wild – life enthusiast. Beaches of Kerala and backwater are better known for the serenity and tranquility they offer to the mind and soul. To better understand the country let us divide the country into four zones: North, East, West, and South. With your travel to every region you can yourself notice the diverseness of this vast country and the more you travel the more you will fall in love with this country.

Atop lies the Himalayan states like Jammu and Kashmir, Himanchal Pradesh, Uttarkahand offering an immensely eye catching view of Himalayas, cool breeze, green valley and freshness during summer and are snow captivated panorma during winters. The people of the hill states are honest and ever welcoming to their guest. Apart from some of the common festivals the states have their own fairs and festival which attracts people to the place.

Moving to the east lies the seven sister states with Sikkim that anticipates another dimension of the vast country. The people will make you learn how simple yet joyful life may be. Eastern India is not only blessed with natural beauty but also with the people who celebrates, love and respect their way of life, give their life and energy to lead  and preserve their very own culture and festival.

West part of India let you admire the rich heritage of the country. Rajasthan the state blessed with forts, palaces, museums, rich culture, art and cuisine. The people can be seen carrying out the rajasthani attire, performing folk dances and singing folk music everywhere. In similar yet different lines goes Gujarat. Ajanta and Ellora rock cut caves of Maharashtra are UNESCO world heritage sites and have gain popularity due to the exquisite rock cut monastery complex. Goa where the primary industry is tourism offers you beaches, churches and beauty which require no elaboration.

The southern region of the country encompasses popular tourist destinations. Tourism is an important contributor to the economy of the states. These states offers with vivid collection of tourist spot ranging from the monuments of Karnataka to beaches and backwater of Kerala to places of religious interest in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

The country possess so much to offer that the article can just provide you with a glimpse of this vast beautiful and diversified  yet united country, even books fell short to describe the vastness of the India. Come feel, experience and explore the treasure yourself and surely you will get much more than your anticipation.