Duo Inter-State Notorious Net Master Burglars Arrested by Sanjaynagar police Recovered Property Worth Rs.19 lakhs

Duo Inter-State Notorious Net Master Burglars Arrested by Sanjaynagar police Recovered Property Worth Rs.19 lakhs.
A Major Breakthrough by Sanjaynagar Cops.
The Sanjay Nagar cops have cracked a high profile burglary which was reported last year and with their arrest we have recovered stolen property worth Rs.19 lakhs from them.
They have arrested two people from Rajasthan who burgled the houses of officer of State Election Commission, P.N.Srinivasachari in July and and IAS officer Subodh Yadav former health and welfare department commissioner in December last year.
The accused has been identified as Ratan and jagadish hailing from Rajasthan.
Senior officer told,They used to travel in the metro cities through out the year known as travellers but as burglars scouting the houses during the day and robbing them at night both accused used to frequently travel most of the fluent areas of metro cities including Bengaluru and Hyderabad they were posed as scavengers and roam around the area in search of locked home and bungalows were their targets.On July 17th the duo broked into 2 locked homes and fled with gold ornaments along with Rs.12000 cash the houses belonged to high profile government officers as,Subodh Yadav former commissioner of Helath and welfare department and Sreenivas Achar a officer with the election commission Subodh Yadav lodged complaint at Sanjaynagar police station.Sanjaynagar cops took this case as challenge and started chasing the burglars the special team collected information near by slums and found the notorious burglars staying in a slum near isckon temple immediately Sanjaynagar police inspector and his team swung into action and raided the slum and zeroed in the notorious duo and during interrogation they confessed that they had burgled four houses in Sanjaynagar, three in Annapoorneshwari Nagar and one in Jnanabharathi,police station limits and based on their statement we have recovered 600 grams of gold and 2.5kg silver ornaments and other items worth Rs.19 lakhs from them he added.
DCP North,Chetan Singh Rathore,told media persons that Ratan and Jagadish are habitual burglars.They always stayed in slums and posed as garbage collectors by pretending to be scavengers and would roam around posh areas looking for locked homes.Immediately after the robberies, the police had examined CCTV footage and zeroed in on two balloon sellers as possible suspects.But they had left the city by then. However, we kept a watch and nabbed them as soon as they returned a few days ago.Two more people are suspected of being a part of this gang, and efforts are on to arrest them,and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,T Suneel Kumar,Addl CP West,B.K.Singh,has appreciated,DCP North,Chetan Singh Rathore,ACP JC Nagar Sub-division,Krishna.V,PI,Prashanth.R.Varni,PSIs as,Nagaraj,Mestri Nayak.K.R,Ms.Roopa.R,and crime staff as,Khalid,Naganna,and other crime staff has been appreciated for their tremendous efforts shown in nabbing the notorious net master burglars who were absconding from past 1year he added.