4New Honored with the Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Award

4New founder Varun Datta represented the company at the April 19th awards ceremony where he received the award from House of Lords member Sandip Verma, Baroness Verma.


4NEW  announced that the company was awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Leadership Award for Outstanding Services, Achievements and Contributions in conjunction with the NRI Welfare Society of India. Mr Datta, founder of 4New, attended the awards ceremony at the British House of Lords during the Global Convention of NRIs at British Parliament.

The NRI Welfare Society of India, with chapters in various countries, was founded in 1981 by Harbhajan Singh and serves to link members of the Indian diaspora with the Government of India. A recent address by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “NRIs and overseas Indians have been our brand ambassadors since decades. They are showcasing the image of India by culture, tradition and skills and style of life, while dwelling in foreign countries.”

“4NEW is honored to receive this award as we continue to push the value and benefits of Waste-to-Energy power plants to the global community. Having secured our first two power plants that are in operation today, we will impact a growing problem in the burgeoning cryptocurrency world that being the massive use and cost of electricity to enable mining,” said Varun Datta, founder of 4New.

At the awards ceremony Mr Datta shared his vision with other honorees and dignified guests at the convention. “We believe that this is one of the most innovative applications of waste-to-energy today and I couldn’t be more proud of our team who have worked tirelessly to deliver this solution to the community at breakneck speed.”


4NEW is a waste to energy company focused on the production and provision of electricity to power the mining of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Thanks to the waste-to-energy model, energy produced is ‘free’, given the revenue generated from waste processing. Consequently, as Bitcoin mining gets increasingly harder to maintain profitably, 4NEW’s ecosystem, coupled with free energy, will be disruptive, providing users with unparalleled competitive edge compared to all other actors within the mining industry.


Mr. Datta is the Founder and Chairman of 4NEW Energy Limited with over ten years of business development experience on three continents, Asia, Europe and North America. His deeply insightful perspective is grounded in sound analysis of supply chains across five industries ranging from waste, energy, healthcare, real estate to technology. Mr. Datta is also an avid polo player in the United Kingdom. Having been born and bred in a bonafide Indian dynasty with pedigree, Mr. Datta has often been regarded as one of the most influential and visionary members within the business diaspora of his time.