Amidst the Water Crisis, News18 India Launches a New Campaign

New Delhi, 26th May, 2018: As the summers set in, cities, towns and villages across India face an acute shortage of safe drinking water. In a bid to raise awareness about water crisis that the nation is currently facing, News18 India has launched a campaign to bring it to the notice of concerned authorities and to educate the viewers about the issue.


In line with the News18 India’s motto of raising relevant issues, through this campaign, the channel will telecast stories from across India on how poor management of resources has led to water scarcity in India where more than 1 in 10 people lack access to clean water near their home*.  From cities like Delhi and Bengaluru to smaller cities like Jhansi in Madhya Pradesh and Ambernath in Maharashtra, the channel will bring stories from the remotest towns of the country that highlight the plight of the people.

*According to WaterAid report


In the small district of Ambernath, women are compelled to enter 50-ft deep wells to fetch water even though that water is not safe to consume. Situated at a meagre distance of 5 kilometres from the Chikhloli Dam, one of the water sources for Mumbai, the people of Ambernath have no other options for water consumption. While in Bundelkhand region, people are either dependent on saline or no water from the hand-pumps, residents of Balod district in Chhattisgarh are going to cemeteries to procure drinking water.  In many areas, channel’s team has also found that increased water stress has caused many people to migrate from their native place and in extreme cases, people have even turned violent.