In its latest addition to the various green initiatives by Western Railway, it is
a matter of pride to announce the setting up of a Solid Waste Disposal and
Management System at Mumbai Central. It has been set up outside the Coach
Care Center and has begun functioning with effect from 23 rd May, 2018. This
biogas plant will convert organic waste into gas which will be used for cooking.
This major initiative is a wise decision to tread on the path towards a greener,
healthier and cleaner environment.
According to a press release issued by Shri Ravinder Bhakar – Chief Public
Relations Officer of Western Railway, the solid waste management plant has the
capacity of 0.5 tonnes. The cost of plant comes upto approximately Rs. 50 lakhs.
The waste is being collected from trains at the Mumbai Central station and
Coaching Depot alongwith the base kitchen at Mumbai Central. Shri Bhakar added

that the estimated organic waste from these units should be around 200-250 kg
(approx.). However, the biogas plant has a capacity to handle 500 kgs of organic
Shri Bhakar has stated that, if the plant it operated at its maximum
capacity, it can produce one whole liquefied petroleum gas cylinder per day. But
due to low quantum of waste that is being generated at present, the plant can
generate more than one-fourth of an LPG cylinder. The biogas plant will not only
benefit in producing environment-friendly gas for cooking purpose but will also
help in the garbage handling system. A mix of waste will be collected at the
allocated point which will be then segregated into biodegradable waste such as
unused food, vegetable waste, cattle dung, rotten fruits, fruit peels, etc. and non-
biodegradable waste material, i.e., plastic bottles, polythene bags, paper, wood
parts, egg shells, etc. The organic waste will go through composting to produce
biogas. The produced biogas will be stored in a storage balloon & will be supplied
to kitchen as per the requirement. The whole procedure of garbage handling and
biomass segregation will follow the norms set by Brihanmumbai Municipal
Corporation (BMC).