Bengaluru: Ola cab driver’s murder cracked, 3 held by DJ Halli police

The DJ Halli police have arrested a gang of three men for killing an Ola cab driver in the outskirts of the city and robbed him of his car along with other valuables.

Rinson Soman (23), a resident of Muninanjappa Block in DJ Halli went missing on March 18. His body was subseqently found a few days later in an open drainage in Hosur.

The arrested are identified as Deeman Shankar Das (26), his brother Arup Shankar Das (36), both from Assam, and their friend Bharath Pradan (22), is from Odisha.

They had come to the city eight years ago and were working as labourers at construction sites. Later, they turned out to be listed as habitual offenders.

A graduate became a cab driver .

The young man a cab driver is a graduate and became a cab driver.Recent success of cab aggregator the Ola and Uber attracted the youngsters he choosed to rent out the cab to Ola and also worked as a driver.Rinson wanted to make a big in his business he wanted to stand out in the crowd he opted for a swanky SUV instead of a normal car. His choice was a hit among commuters and his business grew in no time but little did Rinson realised that this swanky SUV would not attract only commuters but also criminals.It was on March 18th at 2 am Rinson opted for a night shift due to a double income it generates on the night of march 18th he was driving on Yelahanka ring road he was stopped by 3 men who offered him a trip this trip was not from his cab aggregator.The men offered him a trip to Hosur side of the Karnataka Tamilnadu border.Three men who got into the car rinson on the faithful night rinson was lucrative of the good offer he immediately agreed and started his journey towards Hosur.But little he realised that the three men were ruthless from nose then suspecting them Rinson took the electronic city route towards Krishnagiri.On route the three men asked rinson to stop the car at a deserted place to answer a nature call that is when rinson got suspicious on them he refuses to stop at the deserted spot but the three insisted him to drop them near government college at Bidrapally in Hosur the claimed their room was nearby the try took rinson to a secular place which was covered with thick vegetation once rinson stopped his car his clients sued him there true colours.The one siting at the back covered rinson mouth with a cloth and demand Shankar who was siting next to him stabbed him repeatedly with a screw driver.Rinson who had a seat belt on was not able to move that made the job of the killers easier they stabbed him to death inside his own SUV but why did they kill him it is not because to take revenge against him they were only wanted Rinson’s SUV the killers were immigrants to bengaluru they leaved in a room at kacharnayakanahalli they worked as security guards in apartment and also as labour contractors supplying manpower to labour contractors they wanted to make a quick buck and hence they decided to steal Hi-end cars and sell them on that faithful day Rinson became their prey his swanky SUV became their target the trio and hence he planned the crime to get the SUV after killing Rinson in his SUV the trio dumped his body in the bushes near by they then took the SUV along with them and hited at their place.Rinson body was found by the locals who informed Krishnagiri police the police registered a case of suspicious death and sent out information to all police stations Rhinson parents lodged a missing complaint in the DJ Halli police station.DJ Halli police along with Rhinson parents travelled Krishnagiri to claiming the body the parents identified the body it was their son’s body .

Bengaluru Police Commissioner, T Suneel Kumar, told media persons that on 18-3-2018 one Ola cab driver by name Rhinson was missing from his residence in the DJ Halli police station limits in this regard a man missing case was taken up by the DJ Halli police when they were looking for this Rhinson we got some information that there was one person was murdered in the border of Tamilnadu near Hosur.Our DJ Halli police after verifying the case and they went to the scene of offence they found that a murder has happened by seeing the dead body the relatives of the deceased Rhinson was called there and after they verifying that the deceased is Rhinson a murder case has been taken up by the DJ halli police.During the course of investigation three persons who are residing at kacharakanahalli village of Hebagoddi police station limits they were arrested two of them are from Assam and both are cousins and one fellow is from orrissa all the three are labour suppliers in the contract to the real estate and other business these fellows all the murdering Rhinson threw the dead body their in Tamilnadu limits and they came back with the car which is a Renault Lodgy car and they were trying to dispose of the car but they couldn’t dispose that car the trio was nabbed by the police and during investigation it was found that it was not the trios first crime they are also involved in a Jantudas a security guard kidnap of in RMC Yard Police station limits of Bengaluru city they have demanded ransom of 5 lakh rupees the security guards brother was trying to mobilise the money as he could not mobilise the money in time but Jantudas by seeing a opportunity he escaped from the kidnappers clutches in that connection in RMC Yard a case was registered these fellows were arrested in that particular case also but Rhinson was not lucky as Jantudas the Young man with many dreams was killed by this criminals.Apart from SUV the trio took Rinson 2 mobile phones the mobile phones helped the police to trace them,and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,T Suneel Kumar,Addl CP East,Seemanth Kumar Singh,has appreciated DCP East,Ajay Hillori,ACP Banaswadi sub division,Mahadevappa,PI,DJ Halli,Ramesh M,and his whole crime team who has successfully nabbed the trio and detected the case he added .