Notorious Dreaded four jewel thieves held by Subramanyanagar Police Property Worth Rs.1 Crore Recovered

Notorious Dreaded four jewel thieves held by Subramanyanagar Police Property Worth Rs.1 Crore Recovered.

The North Zone Police of Subramanyanagar police have managed to nab a gang of robbers the dreaded gang had mastered the art of jewellery store heists.

The accused has been identified as, Shivamurthy, 30, his brother Shankar, 26, their associates Nivesh Kumar, 29, and Jagadish, 30, and recovered around 43 kilograms of gold, two cars worth Rs.57 lakh, three motorcycles, expensive gadgets and clothes from them.

This gang was notorious for jewelery store heists.The gang have been operating in the city since 2011,their main targets were chemmanur jewellers after their first heist in 2011 the gang targeted several chemmanur jewellers showrooms .

Previous Robberies :

Chemmanur Jewellers, Chikkaballapur: 1.7.2017.

Obsessed by watching crime serials, Hollywood crime and thriller movies, Shivu wanted to put his hand on bigger booty again. In April, 2017 he tried to procure country made weapon from Uttar Pradesh but failed. He got custom made body armour made from Kolhapur, Maharashtra to escape from any gun fire by guards in Jewellery shop. He also learnt to prepare patrol bomb and use crackers to create panic while committing crime. For committing this crime, they robbed a motorcycle from Sangli, Maharashtra and another from Gauribidanur outskirt. In the evening of 1.7.2017, the trio robbed the Chemmanur Jewellers, Chikkaballapur using sharp weapons to attack guard and made away with over 600 gm of gold jewellery and a rifle of the injured guard.

Chemmanur Jewellers, Subramanya Nagar: 19.2.2018.

Not satisfied with the proceeds of robbed jewellery in Chikkaballapur, Shivu again planned for a bigger one. This time his brother Shankar also expressed willingness to join. In January, 2018, Shivu sent Shankar to China to procure Bullet proof Jackets. Shankar booked three jackets and got it through a courier service. Shivu prepared 7 patrol bombs, collected crackers and prepared for the next robbery from the safe house of Vinayaka Nagar, Devanahalli. In the late afternoon of 19.2.2018, Shivu, Shankar,Jagadish and Nivesh Kumar departed from Devanahalli on three bikes to Chemmanur Jewellers, Subramanya Nagar Police Station. They attacked one guard with sword and threw patrol bombs to scare people. Shivu was carrying the rifle of the guard, which was robbed in the last crime.However, there was another guard in civil dress this time, who shot at them with his revolver. Meanwhile, their bag containing the rest of the patrol bomb caught fire and in the melee Shankar got burn injury on his left leg. They could not enter the shop and had to retreat. They came back to the safe house in Devanahalli and departed.

T.Suneel Kumar, Bengaluru city police commissioner,told media persons that the gang has been operating since 2011.They have been involved in thefts in and around bengaluru.The north division cops have caught these thieves.The gang had been involved in high profile thefts for which they have been nabbed now.The accused has been identified as Shivu,Shankar,Jagadish and Nivesh.Shivu who is the leader of the gang was the mastermind behind the heists.This gang was notorious and well equipped.The gang had procured military grade built proof vests and illegal gun they were also notorious for throwing petrol bombs during their heists.They have injured several security personals during their heists too but now they had been caught many can be rest assured that they will pay for their deeds.The team could recover Rs 43 lacs worth of gold and seized Rs 57 lacs worth of four LMV vehicles,4 two wheelers and electronic articles from the culprits he added.

Anup,MD,Chemmanur chemmanur jewellers told media persons that today it is a very heroic day today since the police have caught a 7 year old case which is been coincidentally attacking our showrooms in different parts of Bengaluru city.We have lost our jewelery in terms of gold and the police are trying to recover as much as possible.The cops have recovered stolen gold jewelery worth Rs.45 lakhs rupees from the gang and they have assured the owners that the rest of the loot would be recovered during further investigations he added.

Investigating officer told media persons, For seven years, four men targeted jewellery stores and stole gold amounting to over Rs.9 crore, bought property and even started a real estate business with their ill-gotten gains.Their past, however, caught up with them after an attempt to rob yet another jeweller.Shivamurthy is a high school dropout and his brother Shankar is a B.Com.graduate who had attempted the civil services exam.He had enrolled in a private tutorial,but failed in the prelims in the first attempt.The brothers decided that looting jewellery stores was an easier way to make a living.Their friend Nivesh, who worked as a facility manager in an MNC, joined them. Between 2011 and 2012, they amassed 8 kilograms of gold and other valuables.They met Jagadish while trying to sell the stolen gold in Sangli, Maharashtra.He assured them that he could sell the items in Sri Lanka for a good price.After a series of successful burglaries, they bought two cars and opened a real estate agency under the name SR Business Solutions in Yelahanka. They purchased 11 acres in Sira in Tumakuru district and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle,and Whenever they were low on cash, they would hit a jewellery store.Over the years, they perfected their modus operandi.They invested in bullet-proof jackets, which they bought online, and learned to make crude bombs to scare security guards. According to the police, the accused watched over 50 films where the central theme was a bank or jewellery heist. They also sourced video clips of bank robberies.Things went awry when they tried to rob a Chemmanur Jewellers store in Subramanya Nagar in February this year.They barged into the shop, attacked a guard and tried to hurl a petrol bomb to scare the staff.But they failed to notice the second guard who was in plainclothes and opened fire on them.Three of the accused were able to escape as they were wearing bullet-proof vests.However, Shivamurthy sustained burn injuries when he was caught in the fire that erupted after he lobbed the petrol bomb.The team of Mahendra Kumar succeeded in nabbing the culprits with local intelligence as they got to know the whereabouts of the accused so they got all information about the village as there were 117 houses if they go in search of one by one house the culprits can escape so they utilised election survey of the village and when they started they found four persons staying in an house and while questioning our cops dint satisfy with their answers and took them to custody and during interrogation they spilled the beans and confessed to crime and with basic policing tactics.The team leader was well assisted as the gang fled to Devanahalli.However, the entire operation was recorded on CCTV cameras,which the police used to track them down.The accused had sold a majority of the gold jewellery in Sri Lanka, and efforts are on to recover the items and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner, T Suneel Kumar,has appreciated,Addl CP West, B K Singh,Joint Commissioner of Police Crime,N Satheesh Kumar,DCP North,Chethan Singh Rathore,ACP Malleswaram,PIs as,Mahendra Kumar, PI Subranmanya Nagar, Lohith, PI Mahalaxmi Layout, Iyanna Reddy, Then PI Nandini Layout and Mithun Shilpi, PI Rajgopal Nagar.PSIs as,Jnanamurthy and Shrikantegowda, ASIs as,Krishnamurthy, Rajanna,Gangaiah,HCs as,Ramachandra, Thimmappa,Manju Kumar,Kumar, Shrinivasmurthy,Chandrashekar,Dayal Kumar,PCs as,Gangahanumaiah,Rajanna, Naveen,Manjunath,Ashok and Bheemeshappa.Further recovery and investigation is in progress.The work of Subramanya Nagar Police is highly appreciated and commissioner of police has announced suitable reward for the team he added.