Two Cash Custodians thieves,& aide arrested by Kothanur Police,Rs.5.81 lakhs Cash Recovered

In its first of its kind Kothanur police sleuths have busted a ATM cash theft case by the custodians of cash.
The custodians of ATM cash were used to steal money from the ATMs using the master keys of the ATM machines as they were authorised persons but to make quick buck and lead a lavish life they utilised this idea in stealing the cash from the ATMs but their game ended by the good smartian alert cops on February 10th.
The accused has been identified as,Sathish M N,(31),Manjunath (21)and Sunil Kumar (24).
The two as,Sathish and Manjunath are employees of Radiant Cash Management Services company and custodians of cash,while sunil kumar was their accomplice who used to collude with them in transporting the  loot cash .
They used to refill the ATMs of various banks, including Canara Bank, Union Bank, Bank of India, Citibank, HDFC and Corporation Bank.
The two were in-charge of replenishing cash in 20 ATMs in KR Puram, Ramamurthy Nagar, Kothanur and Hebbal.
After refilling the ATMs during the day, the two, with the help of auto driver Sunil Kumar, stole money from the cash machines using the master card and admin keys.
Bengaluru Police Commissioner, T Suneel Kumar, said that as on 10th February when our cops were on routine check near Hennur Cross the beat cops attached to Kothanur police station constables,Shekappa Nayak and Mylar Lingappa they noticed a auto rickshaw number KA53 A 4610 coming in a speedy way they flagged a auto rickshaw while on check but the driver dint stop the auto and fled with auto in speedy way later on our constables gave them a chase on their cheetah bike and they were succeeded in stopping the vehicle at Byrati Cross half a kilometer away and after stopping the auto rickshaw our cops found they were drunk and during intercepting the auto our beat cops found currency notes in denominations of Rs 2000, Rs 500 and Rs 100 hidden under the driver’s seat and behind the passenger seat.Our men questioned the trio about the source of the money but they failed to give a convincing answer, getting doubt on them the beat cops taken them to Kothanur police station for further questioning.After searching the auto our cops found that the trio were in the possession of Rs.5.81 lakhs unaccounted cash.During preliminary investigation they confessed to have stolen the money from different ATMs in and around Kothanur and getting more suspicious on them our cops grilled him more and during the course of interrogation they confessed the crime and spilled the beans that they are working with Radiant cash management service as a custodian of cash,Two employees used a master keys and from past four months they were stealing smalls sums of amounts from ATMs which they had to fill and, to evade detection, they even replenished the machines when audits were due.As this custodians were known when audits will be done in respective ATMs before the audit they used to fill the sufficient amount of cash required in ATMs.The A1 Satish even said that he has stolen Rs.10.32 lakhs rupees from Canara Bank ATMs in TC Palya and in Hennur Cross,where as A2 Manjunath confessed that he has stolen Rs.10.84 lakhs rupees from union bank ATM located in Ramamurthy Nagar and has spent in leading lavish life.But their big game came to light when they were caught by our beat cops while transporting the money in an autorickshaw belonging to an accomplice.When asked is any complaint lodged by bank regarding stealing of money were they knew about this or not Suneel Kumar said,Being the chief custodian, Satish knew dates and times of the audit team’s visits.At such times, Satish would replenish the machines with cash taken from other ATMs.They were in charge of 20 ATMs across Hennur, Kothanur, Hebbal, Ramamurthynagar and KR Puram.They would steal the cash a day after loading it into the machine and the custodians admitted they have been stealing money for over four months now and Sunil Kumar colluded with them in  transporting the loot in his vehicle and with this arrest we have seized Rs.5.81 lakhs in cash,along with 3 master keys of ATMs,3 SBI Bank ATM Cards,1 Canara Bank’s Admin ATM Card,1 Union Bank’s  ATM admin card,1-Indian Overseas ATM card,1-Bank of Baroda ATM Card,1-Kotak Mahindra Bank ATM card,3 mobile phones with 1 auto rickshaw used for committing crime has been seized and a case has been registered in Kothanur police station and further investigation is on,and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,T Suneel Kumar, has appreciated, Addl CP East, Seemanth Kumar Singh, DCP Northeast Girish S,ACP,Sampigehalli sub division,   M.H.Nagathe,and his team as,PI,H Hariappa,PSI,K Manu and their crime staff as,Shekappa S Nayak,Mylar Lingappa,Tejendar,Abdul Hameed,Shaju Anthony,Erresh,Vital Sanlachappa,for busting the biggest ATM cash theft case which was hidden from the authorities of Banks the two good smartian cops have done a tremendous job and nabbed the notorious gang and cash reward has been rewarded to the team for their good work he added.