Notorious Bheel Criminal Tribe Gang Busted by Kodigehalli police, 5 Arrested,Stolen Rifle with gold jewellery recovered

“Bengaluru North East Division Police busted and unwrapped an interstate notorious gang unknown till now in India.”
Bengaluru Northeast Division Police of Kodigehalli police in a joint operation with Madhya Pradesh police has busted big notorious Criminal tribe Bheel gang.
Five members of the notorious Bheel Gang of Madhya Pradesh who had attacked a policeman on January 17 late night and snatched the rifle of one of the police constables has been arrested,100 grams gold ornaments,with riffle and lethal weapons has been seized from their possession.
After the incident,DCP, Northeast      Girish S,formed 4 special teams under the supervision of ACP, Yelahanka Sub division Prabhakar Barkhi,with inspectors swung into action to nab the culprits.
The accused has been identified as, Raysingh, 35; is a prime accused a gang leader with his associates as,Ajambai Singh Mehar, 25; Jineth Remasingh Palashe, 19; Suresh Kodriya Mehar alias Sagar, 19 and Abubai Singh Moher, 21. All are Bhil tribals and residents of Bhagoli village in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh.
Investigating officer said the gangsters local accomplices, Hameed and Afroz, have also been arrested who has helped them in committing crime.Mehar, Palashe, Sagar and Moher were nabbed earlier in the morning at Kempanahalli village, near Yelahanka. The gangsters attacked the cops, but were shot at before being picked up.Raysing, the main accused, was picked up from Bhagoli earlier this week,based on the statement by the prime accused our team rushed to the spot to nab the culprits but they again tried to attack the cops and In self defence Vidyaranyapura police Inspector B Ramamurthy and sub-inspector Annaiah opened four rounds of  fire in which Mehare, Palashe and Sagar sustained injuries in their legs and were rushed to hospital for treatment.Our cops who sustained minor injuries were also rushed to hospital and we suspect that this gang is involved in more than 100 cases of theft and robbery in Karnataka Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu he added.
T Suneel Kumar, Bengaluru city police commissioner said,On the intervening night of 17 and 18th of January in the northeast division kodigehalli police station limits four criminals attacked the police and took away the police Riffle.Treating it is a very serious offence,teams were formed to crack this case as early as possible.As the team headed by the DCP Northeast, Mr.Girish and ACP Nagathe and ACP Barkhi and other inspectors went on collecting so many leads,based on the CCTV footages we got on the scene of offence on that night and the similarities which this criminals had.Based on that information the leads were got we have traced this gang to the Madhya Pradesh a state Dhar district when in Bhagoli village is there our teams have gone under the leadership of ACP Barkhi and Nagathe to Madhya Pradesh with the help of Madhya Pradesh police who have nabbed one person by name Ray Singh who was there on that time along with the other criminals who was also taking away the Riffle of the policemen.There then we came to know these people belong to a particular Criminal tribe known as Bheel and these criminal tribes travel across the country and target the locked houses.Their Modus operandi is they travel they come to bengaluru and other cities by buses they stay in the bus stand and railway stations and during the day time they go to extension areas especially the extension areas next to the railway tracks there they find this locked houses they target the locked houses in the day time and they used to recee and survey it and then in the night they operate there other Modus operandi is they lock from outside all the  neighbouring houses to prevent the people coming out of their houses then they break this locked houses take away all the jewellery back to their own place and dispose it their.Then there we have arrested one Ray Singh who was a notorious criminal we brought him here and grilled him and based on his statement our team went to arrest the gang at the Yelahanka new town which are also from Madhya Pradesh they were traced and when we went to arrest them they have tried to attack the police and my inspector and sub Inspector and one constable sustained minor injuries to prevent further attack in a self defence the police have opened fire and injured three criminals the riffle which was stolen on the riffle which was stolen on the 17th has been recovered along with that this gang which was there in Bengaluru which was operating they committed two offences of house thefts the two offences have also been detected .These gangs have committed offences in Mysuru,Tumakuru,Kadappa of Andhra Pradesh and various other parts of the country.As the team has worked day and night and cracked it with an efficiency I appreciate the team and reward them with 2 lakh rupees reward.When asked how many members were there operating from bengaluru Suneel Kumar said totally we have got 5 members and there were two locals who was helping the dispose the stolen gold there there roles have been probed and we have arrested then also.To identity the criminals is your team still there in Madhya Pradesh he said yes,see on that night out of the four the main Rai Singh has been arrested the three remaining we came to know their names and which are place they are they are not their in their villages now my team is still camping there we are even in touch with the local police as Madhya Pradesh police they are helping us in all aspects once the criminals face their we will arrest them.Entire village this criminal tribe what we came to know that it is a Bheel criminal tribe there are more in this type of offences they go across the county and do the offences in the villages only the women and aged people are left out all youngsters go to some different places they do this house breaking and theft go back to their village and sale it .when asked from where these criminals snatched the Riffle Suneel Kumar said at the kodigehalli police station in Tata Nagar area when these four fellows were chased by the police where in two beat police men were chasing them on their vehicle and while in a turning point the policemen fell down fearing that police may open fire at them the Riffle was taken away by them and they concealed it in New Yelahanka New Town limits after bringing this Rai Singh from Madhya Pradesh we have recovered. 18th early morning it happened he said it was very challenging and I was told that these criminals though local police was there they have attacked the police teams by throwing stones they used catapults which we use for the driving away the birds in the crops they were using stones and catapults to evade arrest so in self defence the local police has opened fire there and nabbed the prime accused,and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner, T Suneel Kumar, has appreciated,Madhya Pradesh police with, Addl CP East,Seemanth Kumar Singh, DCP Northeast Girish S, and his team as,ACPs as,Prabhakar B Barkhi,M.H.Nagathe,PIs as,B Ramamurthy,Anjan kumar,Keshav murthy,Manjegowda,M.N.Manjunath,PSI, Annaiah,with their crime staff as,Gangaiah Hiremath,H.M.Arun kumar,Narasimha,Gopal,Chiddambar C,Mahadev murthy,Chennabasava,Suresh,Mahaveer,Anand,Narasimhamurthy,Emamsahab,and other staff has been appreciated for busting the notorious Bheel criminal tribe gang he added.