Girinagar Cops Busted Notorious Dreaded Chain Snatching Gang,Valuables Worth Rs.18.2 lakhs recovered

“Every game ends up with points, every crook goes behind grid locks and every lost effort got back their smiles”
Girinagar police have arrested a gang of notorious chain snatchers including a cab driver.A total of 19 chain snatching cases were solved with their arrest and stolen property worth Rs.18.2 lakh was recovered.
Inspired by YouTube videos, three people took to chain snatching to make easy money, but their luck ran out on Tuesday.
The arrested accused are identified as, Imran Pasha, (31), his relative Afzal Shariff, (34), a plumber and Abdul Shafakhath, (22), a car mechanic.
“The prime accused Pasha had taken a loan of Rs.1.5 lakh and he was unable to repay it. Thus he decided to get involved in chain snatching to make quick money.
Mukta victim told, on January 3rd I was returning home after work I moved to the side as I saw a bike passing by.The robbers stretched their hand and snatched my chain.They have been arrested now and I’m thankful to cops she said.
YouTube is a great platform where one can reach out to the world to the click of button.Now it has reached out to the crime world.Nobody can beat them when it comes to chain snatching.Do you know who inspired and helped them to commit crime? The answer may surprise you it is YouTube .
A presser held by Bengaluru Police Commissioner, T Suneel Kumar, with Addl CP West, B.K.Singh,Dr.S.D.Sharanappa was too present,A special team was pressed into action to nab this gang member,ACP V V Puram Sub Division,Mahanth Reddy, formed led 3 special teams under the suspension of inspectors as Kottresh,Vishwas, T D Raju ,and his crime team swung into action and based on reliable inputs the team successfully nabbed all the three accused during interrogation the accused confessed the crime and it is learnt that they used to struggle for one square meal but in a few months they began earning lakhs.Three accused has been identified as Imran Pasha,Afzal Sharieff and Abdul Shabhagath,armed with an black pulsar and helmet they have sensed fear among the civilians into a tizy. Bengaluru South cops have busted a notorious chain snatching gang.Three have been arrested who were involved in 19 cases.From 2016,this gang robbed regularly on bikes and mainly targeted women.They used to operate between 10 am to 6 pm in various areas in the city.Imran Pasha who is a main accused he wanted a short cut to become rich that was when he got very unlikely idea.Imran saw some videos of chain snatching on youtube and got inspired that is how he built his notorious team of three and striked several places.Main accused imran Pasha worked as a cab driver and was inspired to rob after watching the videos of youtube on chain snatching.He assumed that he could make money quickly and took help of his brother-in-law and another guy to commit chain snatching .one of the accused has started constructing a house from the money he got from chain snatching another he purchased a plot in Ramanagara and has even paid advance money with busting this gang we have solved 19 chain snatching cases registered across city and with this we have recovered total valuables worth Rs.18.2 lakhs property from their possession,and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner, T Suneel Kumar, has appreciated, Addl CP West, B K Singh, DCP South,Dr.S.D.Sharanappa and his team as ACP,V V Puram, Sub Division,Mahanth Reddy,PIs as,Kottresh,Vishwas,Raju,and his whole team as crime staff has been appreciated for the commendable job done by them and with the tremendous efforts they have successfully busted this gang and nabbed all the three accused and the seized Property were returned back to the rightful owners as Victims he added .