West Zone Cops Busted Notorious Dreaded Gangs,13 Arrested,Valuables Worth Rs.30.6 Lakhs recovered

West Zone Cops Busted Notorious Dreaded Gangs,13 Arrested,Valuables Worth Rs.30.6 Lakhs recovered.
2 Gangs Arrested, 40 Cases Cracked.
The West Zone Police have arrested 13 persons on charges of Extortion,Dacoity,theft, House breaking theft and other thefts and recovered valuables worth Rs.30.60 lakhs recovered.
DCP West,M N Anucheth, told,As there was rise in crime in the Byatatayanapura police station limits in which the gang targeted people during the night time their main targets were lone passerby victims they used to snatch their mobile phones and two wheeler too from them. Based on the complaint a special team was led by ACP,Kengerigate Sub Division  Dr.Prakash S,to nab the extortion gang.A special team got a credible information about a gang with lethal weapons are hatching a plan to commit crime as Dacoity.A credible information was passed to byatatayanapura police station about the gang on 22nd January immediately PSI and staff rushed to the spot and cordoned the area and zeroed in all the five member gang and were secured by the special team and were produced before the magistrate and the court sent them to police custody till 29th during interrogation they spilled the beans and based on their statement we have recovered,10 mobile phones, 5-Two wheelers property worth Rs.5 lakhs has been recovered from their possession with this atleast 18 cases registered in various police station have been solved with the arrest of the gang he added.
The accused has been identified as,Shoheb Pasha alias Sebu,
Juber Pasha alias Chudi,Mohammed Afrid,Sayad Sameer,and Mohammed Ummar all aged about 19 year old and all are residents of Padarayanapura.
Annaporneshwarinagar Police Station -The Annaporneshwarinagar Police inspector and his crime staff has nabbed two notorious dreaded gangs who were on the prowl reinstating the faith in citizens.with their arrest they have recovered property worth Rs.9 lakhs .
The notorious gang who were on prowl in the Annaporneshwarinagar police station limits.First gang is specialised in extortion this dreaded gang has spread fear among the residents of Annaporneshwarinagar.A special team headed by inspector Krishna K L and his teams good efforts has landed them behind bars, As these gang members Sanjay,Santhosh,Suresh,Pramod and Arjun would be out on business they were regulars at annaporneshwarinagar in extorting money and things from the innocents.The team has nabbed all the accused and seized valuable worth Rs.5lakhs including 35 grams of gold, mobile phones and bikes.
DCP West, M N Anucheth, told, five people have been arrested five incidents have been identified.These incidents related to extortion and have all taken place in Annaporneshwarinagar between December and January. The arrested are Sanjay alias Auto Sanjay,a resident of BDA layout, Santhosh alias Sanna,24 a resident of Doddabasti,Pramod is about 27 years and resident of vijayanagar,Ashok alias sethu about 19 year old a resident of kalyan Nagar and Arjun 22 years of age resident of Kalyan Nagar, we have seized 35 grams of gold jewellery worth Rs.5 lakh 4 two-wheelers,1-Titan Watch and a mobile phone has been seized from their possession and with their arrest all the five cases registered in Annaporneshwarinagar police station has been solved and manhunt is on for the 3 absconded accused.
Similarly yet another gang has been arrested by annaporneshwarinagar police the cops who were on hunt for the another gang who burgled homes. The team has arrested 2 criminals Raghu Gowda alias Chingi Pingi,and Bhaskar alias Ravi, who were wanted in two burglary cases, the cops recovered valuables worth Rs.4 lakhs with gold jewellery and a bike.
Kengeri Police Nabbed Notorious : The Kengeri Police station Inspector Ramappa  B Gutter and his team nabbed notorious burglar and with the arrest 15 cases cracked. The Kengeri Police cracked 15 cases with the arrest and nabbed the notorious thief named Manikantan, Police recovered 500 grams of gold and silver ornaments worth Rs.16.6 lakhs.
Anucheth Said,in Kengeri Police station limits,the Inspector and his team arrested Manikantan on 11th January,son of late selvaraj, who is about 38 years of age resident of Gottigere village near Bannerghatta road.We have identified 15 incidents of crime.He used to rob homes and small establishments by arresting him we have identified 3 safety locker thefts,6 regular thefts,and 6 thefts in homes the total value of these thefts amount to Rs.16 lakhs 60 thousands we have recovered 500 grams of gold and 4 KG of Silver has been seized from their possession and finally with this the west zone cops of 3 police station as,Byatatayanapura,Annaporneshwarinagar and Kengeri Police Station have nabbed 13 notorious accused and solved 40 cases and recovered valuables worth Rs.30.60 lakhs from their possession and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,T Suneel Kumar,has appreciated,Addl CP West, B K Singh,DCP West, M N Anucheth,ACP Kengerigate Sub Division,Dr.Prakash S,and his PIs as,T P Shivaswamy,Krishna K L,Ramappa B Gutter, and their whole staff as,PSIs, as,Prabhu D.K,Lakshmaiah,Shantarajaiah R.A,B.C.Paramesh,Venkatesh murthy,Mahesh K,ASIs as,Shivaraj,Kalarsaiah,Narayan,Govindaraju,Veerbhadraiah,and crime staff as, Vekatramanappa,Jagadish,Janardhan, Naveen Kumar,Harish Kumar,Narayanswamy,Vajrappa,Mahesh Kumar,Ramachandra,Gajendra,K Manjunath,Anjan Murthy,Venkatesh,Doraiswamy, Chandrappa,Suresh,Gurumurthy,Pradeep Kumar,Virupakshaiah,Umashankar, Narasimhamurthy,Seeraiah and Srinivasmurthy has been appreciated for the commendable job done by them in nabbing the notorious gangs he added.