Bengaluru Man Thrashes 10-Year Old Son Brutally For Lying, Arrested by Kengeri Police

Bengaluru Man Thrashes 10-Year Old Son Brutally For Lying, Arrested by Kengeri Police :
Highlights of video :
Man whips own child with leather belt, mobile charger; arrested after assault video goes viral;
“Child thrashed for lying in the video”.
Mahendra, the boy’s father
“Will you lie? Will you lie?” Mahendra asks. “I will not do it. I will not do it again,” the boy cries.
He slaps his son a number of times, and lifts him to throw him onto the bed four times.
Even when Shilpa says, “Enough, leave him,” Mahendra does not stop.  He drags the boy on to the floor and can be seen kicking him from the bedroom to the living room.
Mahendra shouts, “What did I say I would do if you lied again?” Terrified and wailing, the boy can only mumble an answer. Mahendra again questions, “What did I tell you the other day?” The boy answers, “You told me not to lie.”
Mahendra walks away and the video ends.
“Mahendra thrashed his son for skipping tuition and not completing his homework on time. The boy is said to have lied about these things. He told his wife Shilpa to record the video and show it to the boy the next time he lies,”
A horrifying video of a Bengaluru man beating his 10-year-old son for lying has gone viral on the social media. Police has arrested the accused man.
The accused has been identified as Mahendra, employee of an IT company and a resident of Kengeri area of Bengaluru.
The Kengeri police, on Saturday, tracked down and arrested a plumber after a video clip showing him beating his 10-year-old son mercilessly was retrieved from a mobile phone that had been sent to a service centre in city for repair.
The clip was released by the service centre’s technician on social media.
Mahindra was allegedly angry with his son for lying, and had his wife record the beating so that he could show it to his son as a reminder of what would happen if he lied again.
The incident came to light on Saturday, when Shilpa dropped her phone at a mobile service shop in their neighbourhood. A non-governmental organisation saw the clip the technician had uploaded online, and alerted the police.
We have all had experiences in our childhood where our parents have raised their voices and hands at us.But there is one father who took that a whole new level .
Mahendra Plumber by profession a 30 year old and he is a 10 year old son .This brutal man has a son of 10 year old for just lying he beat his son and threw him multiple times and kicked him all because the child has lied .
DCP West,M N Anucheth said,At Global village which comes in Kengeri Police station limits, a mother has recorded a video of her son getting thrashed by his father.The video has leaked when the phone was given for repair recently and it went viral too.We have registered a case and have taken the man into custody.
Senior officer told,The incident took place a month and a half ago.The phone belongs to Mahindra’s wife, Shilpa, who recorded the incident while pleading with her husband to stop beating their son, said the police. The family lives in Kengeri. “It was shocking to see the accused slapping and kicking the boy and slamming him onto the bed for 15 minutes while he pleaded for mercy,”He has been booked for assault, criminal intimidation and under other sections of the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015.said a senior police officer.