Bengaluru City police makes elaborate arrangements ahead of New Year’s eve.

Bengaluru City police makes elaborate arrangements ahead of New Year’s eve.
New year is round the corner and revellers will be all charged up to Welcome 2018 on New year’s Eve.Considering the safety of citizens who will be thronging various party circuits in the city the city police have made elaborate security arrangements and have installed about 1500 CCTV surveillance cameras at various places were there will be more congregation.
“Elaborate security arrangement by BCP.”
* Bigger boss (CCTV) is now more in the increasing form. Bengaluru is now with additional 500 CCTV cameras to watch you.Powerful eye with Powerful Impact.
* There will be special drives by BTP on 30th and 31st night to check drunken driving. We will be happy to ruin your celebrations in case, you are found driving under the influence of alcohol R Hitendra Addl CP Traffic tweeted .
* On the new year eve totally 15000 police will be deployed for the safe new year .
* Around 2000 policemen including 500 women personnel and 250 CCTV cameras will be placed in the Brigade road and adjacent streets.
* Addl CPs -4, Joint CPs – 2, DCPs -19,ACPs -49,PIs -250,PSIs -400,ASIs -700.
* 40 KSRP,30 CAR Platoons with 1500 Home Guards, 1000 Civil Defence personnel will be deployed .
* Across city 500 CCTV cameras are installed additional more than 250 CCTV cameras will be installed.
* 500 Hoysala Vans will be on patrolling .
* Around 250 Two wheeler cheetah vehicle will be on patrolling.
* Special lighting arrangements will be done in brigade road .
* Parking will be restricted in M G road,Brigade road and church Street.
* Important flyovers will be closed for the safety of general public .
* Special drunk and drive checks will be done by traffic cops across city from 9pm till early morning .
* Drone cameras will be watching you .
* Public movement will be restricted in church Street due to tender sure work in progress.
* Strict action will be taken on Pubs and bars and restaurants for creating nuisance in public .
* No segregation of Sexes .
* Pubs,Bar and restaurant timings extended till 2am .
* Public transport Timings extended till 2am .
Bengaluru city police on the eve of New Year celebrations on 31st December night every year we make elaborate bandobust  arrangements and this time also we have made elaborate arrangements for which we have deployed 15000 policemen which includes,4 Addl CPs,2 Joint commissioners,19 DCPs,49 ACPs,250 PIs,400 PSIs,700 ASIs,40 KSRP and 30 City Armed forces platoons.Beside that we will deploy,1500 home guards and 1000 civil defence personnel also for the maintenance of law and order.Across city we have 500 CCTV cameras installed exclusively In Brigade road we are going to put up more than 250 CCTV cameras,in which the entire stretch of Brigade road,church Street ,M G Road is properly covered and we will be putting special lighting arrangements also on the entire these three stretches beside that the lighting arrangements and CCTV cameras will be there on 100 feet Indiranagar,koramangala,Majestic, Basavangudi,and with some other important place were there will be lot of congregation.We will be restricting the movement of people on the Church Street as Tender Sure works are going on where a lot of potholes,wires still the work is pending which may cause danger to the public that is the reason there will be some restrictions on the movement of public in this road, even based on the carrying capacity of the roads we will be restricting the entry and exit of the people on brigade road and church Street.There won’t be any separation as separate lanes for men and women everybody is allowed to come and enjoy the new year celebrations.When media person asked is the police also using drones Sunil Kumar said yes we will also be using drones in crowded place.There will be drunk and drive checking across city from 9pm onwards on 31st December night and there will be traffic restrictions in some important flyovers roads as some flyovers will be closed from 10pm onwards for safety purpose where people used to come and do wheeling and drive in rash and negligent manner. The timings of restaurants and bar will be extended upto 2am. From 1 am 1 more hour has been extended so they can finish their dinner. Brigade road and M G road traffic will be closed from 11pm. When asked what about the public transport Timings sunil kumar said we have already spoken to MD BMRCL,Mahendra Jain to extend the metro service upto 2 o clock and they have assured  the same to extend the services till 2am he added .