Brain drain profits india!

 by pakhi gauba
“The ground is for the one who cultivates it.”
 It is often considered by many, that brain drain for India is a matter of loss…but we relly need to think, is it so? What If a brain cannot spread his knowledge in his country of origin, why will he stay sticked there? Won’t It be worth elsewhere for him?
Well, we really need to understand that we live in a nation which requires income.
We live in a nation that needs to maintain good relations with other nations.
We live in a nation, where the song of friendship, is sung…
We live in a nation which needs new techniques for better results.
We live in a nation, where investors are required.
We live in a nation where improvements are needed.
In India, expatriates are a vital source of income. money sent home by expatriates contributes hugely to the GDP. Not only this but it results in resulted in less child labor, greater child schooling, more hours worked in self employment and a higher rate of people starting capital intensive enterprises.
Another possibly positive aspect of global migration and the movement of skilled people is the so-called brain circulation. According to this concept, migration makes a vivid exchange of knowledge and ideas possible, which is beneficial for everyone contributing.
when people from India get established as reputed individuals in the host countries, the circulation of knowledge leads to Indians learning new techniques and ideas that they can later implement in their homeland.
Migration, affects the political scenario in considerate amount leading to better international relations between the 2 countries.
Moreover, the money migrants sent back are spent more in investments such as education, health and housing, rather than on food,other goods.
Most importantly, remittances, lower the risk of civil war, and leads to decrement in terrorism.
its high time, that we apply The same law of cultivation, “the ground is for the one who cultivates it” on the “brains” of India, because the fruits of science is an universal heritage. So the brain drain, is really something that can be beneficial to the mankind.