Basaveshwaranagar cops arrested Spot Naga and his gang within 36 hours .

The West Zone police in a prompt action solved the sunil murder case within 36 hours,and they have arrested a 26-year-old rowdy-sheeter Spot Naga along with eight of his associates for the brutal murder on Friday.
Residents of Chandrappa road, Kamala Nagar, Bengaluru were witness to a horrific sight on March 8th morning .
A rowdy sheeter named Sunil was butchered by a group of men in broad daylight even as a crowd watched in shock. Police records indicate Sunil had a criminal record and was 25 years old.
The gang chased him and brutally murdered him in a filmy style as he hid in a strangers house to save his life but the gang of five armed with deadly weapons even broke the glass and door of his and were shouting and after breaking the door they gain forcibly entry and pulled him out and butchered him in front of his mother outside his house the crowd watched the whole incident and even some residents has captured whole incident on their mobile phone camera.But none of the resident went to rescue as the notorious criminals were armed with deadly weapons and no one even called the local police station or to control room and alerted the cops on the day.
Ramesh a neighbour told media persons, I was taking a bath.I heard screams and came out. I saw that a man had locked himself inside the house.I asked him to go out but he did not.Then, they broke open the door and entered the house.I don’t know who they are they took that stone and broke the door he added .
Nagaraj alias spot naga’s sister claims that sunil and his associates planned to murder him she said in her statement to media, that his wife also left him after the attack.They had previously attacked him and he was grievously injured.We had to spend Rs.10 lakhs for his treatment.They kept instigating him.Sunil and naga grew up together.We are all childhood friends.They had no reason to attack Naga.But they did naga did not retaliate.They were planning to kill naga.Sunil,Venkatesh,and gunda were the ones who were planning to kill him.They also threatened our tenants to leave the house.
Naga was stabbed 38 times .
They stabbed him 38 times.His wife also left him after the attack.Everywhere they go,they say that they were the one who attacked my brother.My brother cannot even eat properly after that attack.For the past one year we have been taking care of him.
Addl CP West, Malini Krishnamurthy said on 8th of march that is morning around 8:30 -8:45 am a rowdy sheeter by name sunil 25 year old was brutally assaulted and murdered by a gang of five person all of you have seen it, and the video went viral.When this incident was occurred even the mother of the deceased and grand father of the deceased were also injured when they tried to protect the murdered sunil.After this incident under the leadership of DCP West Zone, M N Anucheth two teams were formed headed by two inspectors,Kamakshipalya inspector, Harish and Basaveshwaranagar inspector Kallappa, and they were successful in nabbing the 9 accused within 36 hours. Five accused who were directly involved in the assault and four more accused who were supporting them as watchers and informants and thus four were also arrested.One out of this is a juvenile offender the names of this main accused are, the main accused is a Rowdy sheeter of Basaveshwaranagar, Nagaraj alias spot naga,(26)year old resident of kamalanagar and then nandish,Juvenile offender is one of the main offender who has participated in that brutal murder,Ramesh,Vinay,and others who have assisted them are Vinay,Gururaj,Khader and umer khan,two longs were also seized from them,and this spot naga is a rowdy sheeter of basaveshwaranagar police station and he is involved in about 8 crimes which involves 3 cases of Dacoity and 2 cases of robbery also.And the motive behind is this brutal murder is as there was a dispute between spot naga and yathiraj with regard to a land as land dispute in this incident yathiraj along with sunil who has been killed and 9 others they had assaulted spot naga. So the movement sunil came out of jail this February he was in judicial custody he came out from jail this February this was a revenge murder and spot naga along with his followers are involved in this murder the offenders are in various job so in fact one of them who had informed spot naga appears to be a initially friend of sunil.Actually who had taken part in the first attempt to murder case so we are still probing into all these details and we will producing the accused today and taking police custody and during that process we will finding out more about this murder she added .
Investigation officer said we nabbed the gang within 36 hours, based on definite clues and credible information we have been to secure and arrest the notorious rowdy sheeter Naga and his associates from neighbouring state where they had taken shelter.Sunil, soon after coming out of prison on bail, was discussing a plan to eliminate Spot Naga with his associates at a local bar.We were tipped off and raided the bar and picked up three persons.But, Sunil managed to escape.if our team would detain Sunil on that day, he would have been safe.Spot Naga who came to know about the plot decided to attack Sunil first.Naga kept a close watch on Sunil.On Wednesday, after his associate confirmed that Sunil was out of his house,Naga attacked him.As soon Sunil spotted Naga, he ran inside the house, but Naga and his associates barged into the house and dragged Sunil out and hacked him to death. In the melee, Sunil’s mother Usha and grandfather Thyagaraju were injured he said.
Finally Addl CP West, Malini Krishnamurthy said that it was shocking incident of accused clashing in public.We are going strengthen crime squad operation in the area and intensify the beat system to prevent such crimes in future.and the nine accused has been identified as,Nagaraj alias Spot Naga,(26),from Basaveshwaranagar.Nandisha alias Kencha (19),from Machohalli,Juvenile offender (17), Ramesh alias Pappu (25), from Yeshwanthpur, Kumara (24), from yeshwanthpur, and his 4 associates are  Vinay (21), Gururaj (24), Khadar (28), Umair Khan (23) were also arrested,Two weapons (“long”) which were used for the murder have been recovered so far.The other weapons and vehicles used for the crime are yet to be recovered and a case has been regisitered in basaveshwaranagar police station under  Cr.No.72/17 u/s 143,147,148,302,307, r/w 149 IPC and further investigation is on,and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner, Praveen Sood,has appreciated Addl CP West,Malini Krishnamurthy, DCP West Zone, M N Anucheth,ACP Vijayanagar Sub division,Venugopal, and his team as PIs as, Kallappa S Kharath,Harish,PSIs as,Govindaraju and Ashwathaiah,ASIs as,Honappa and Jayaram shetty,and his crime staff as,Manappa,P.Bombaiyar,Ranjan Panari,Siddappa Rao,B.S.Chandra,Mahadevaiah,Prasanna Kumar,Jayachandra,and Ramesh has successfully nabbed the habitual offender and his notorious associates and a reward has been announced for their hard work and efforts shown in detecting the case she added .