Four held, Cyber Criminal Gang busted by CID Karnataka Cyber crime Police :

Police added a word of caution for online customers and asked citizens who have been conned to call the Cyber Crime unit on 080-22094507 or
Highlights :
* 600 fake online shopping website created.
* 16,000 Bank Account details found on their Laptops.
* The accused have been cheating bengalureans for 4 years. Surprisingly noone has come forward to lodge a complaint against the four men so far the Cyber Crime Police suspect that the cought head may have cheated to the tune of lakhs of rupees and more such incidents will come to light .
The Cyber crime police have busted a major phishing racket and arrested a gang of four engineering drop-outs for running a online scam. The four would lure bank customers with investment offers and withdraw money form their accounts using the details furnished.
On July 13th 2017 a man logged a complaint with the Cyber Crime Police stating that an amount of Rs.5000 has been debited from one of his banks and Rs.2000 from another. CID Cyber Crime registered a case and three teams were formed and began their investigation they were able to arrest four people in connection with this online fraud .
Investigation into the scam began last week after Suresh Sakri, a resident of Bengaluru, complained that Rs-5,000 and later Rs-2,000 were debited from his account in two fraudulent transactions. He received an SMS to this effect and, on enquiring with the bank, was informed that the transactions were valid.
Through multiple websites, the four men  all in their 20s would lure people with investment offers and get them to part with their bank account details and other sensitive information.
The accused have been identified as, Kapil Dev Suman, his brother Sushil Kumar Suman, Sooraj Kumar and Abila alias Bipla, all natives of Bokaro in Jharkhand. The police also recovered 460 SIM cards, 15 cellphones, laptops, hard disks, memory cards, data cards, and forged and original identity proof from them. The police have found details and credentials of more than 16,000 bank accounts in the seized database. One of the accused had around 600 domain names of various websites in his name.
The arrested are Kapil Suman suraj kumar, Sushil Kumar and Bipla kumar all hail from Jharkhand.The four men were college dropouts of a reputed college in Bengaluru. They had come from Jharkhand to study a Diploma course but all the four wanted to become rich quickly and lead a lavish life so they discontinued studies and took up online cheating.
Investigating officer said we  found that that this Kapildev Suman along with his brother who lives in Jharkhand they have been flouting number of domain names on the Internet and which promise to supply white goods and electronic gadgets at an extremely discounted price say an electronic gadget of 50000 rupees they would promise to give at about 5000 rupees and also there are other offers which say that for a deposit of money they would pay 2 percent per day interest which prima facie for any ordinary citizen and customer they should realise that this kind of claims cannot be true and they are actually fraudulent claims these people opened number of domains and websites called and like this and they registered more than 600 domain names like this and they have been like flouting it and shutting them down and going to another domain and trying to attract customers and who would furnish their financial credentials. What we found is that the accused persons four of them we have arrested all of them belong to Bokaro and they are in their possession about 16,000 bank account details and we are yet to deeply analyse these and see how they got in possession but prima facie it looks like they are attracting customers they are making advertisement of Facebook they are putting advertisement on the Google trying to say that you visit our website for a day at discount pricing and we would look into those kind of things and apart from this 16,000 bank accounts we found that more than 460 SIM cards are there in their possession and almost 40 different bank accounts and pancards and identification documents which are forged. So they accused have been brought to bengaluru only yesterday night and I think we need huge amount of data analysis and we have digital evidence in which we collected laptops mobile phones and various things and that analyse would also will further reveal how these accused used to operate at the end of the day it fundamentally remains as a prudent customer behaviour a prudent customer would not fall for any deal which says that somebody is giving a 10 % discount is possible 20 % discount but giving a 90 % discount to supply goods I think primarily we should be alert too any of these offers some body is offering  number 2 is when you transact online and when you go on the website and all that please look for the symbol like whenever you look into the browser window the secured websites will have a lock symbol on the website and one should try and look for it and also even further try to read a reviews about website and the vendor and what is the review available for the vendor and it is possible but that somebody would be able to supply these kind of details also even on the phone calls transacting he added.
C H Pratap Reddy,ADGP CID, told media persons that the Cyber Crime Police Station of CID karnataka has come across a large scale fraudulent activities that was being perpetrated by accused persons online. They created various domains and E – portals promising to deliver electronic gadgets and other whitelabled goods at attractive discounts which are almost like 10% discount of the actual price and also promise to pay 2% interest on investment that are made per day which per say for a normal citizen should look suspicious however these kind of websites which we have displayed here have led to attracting gullible customers who have shared their financial details on the websites and the accused persons used to capture the financial credentials of this gullible customers who visited their websites and tried to purchase these gadgets from them. During the investigation the accused spilled the beans by revealing shocking information which has led to raise the eyebrows of cops. The accused used to develop fake websites and give Adds on Facebook and Google of giving huge discounts on various products. However intelligently they would not deduct the entire money they would not allow the financial transaction to process but they simply kept the financial transaction details of the customers like credit card and account details in their possession and used it to compromise those accounts to transfer smalls sums of amounts of 1000-5000 rupees from the individual accounts these allowed them to remain below the radar of the both the customers and law enforcement officers because people tend to ignore smaller transaction which they may have got deducted. Many vulnerable customers unaware of the scam booked product online hoping to get branded products in lesser price but their utter shock they receive no product the four men would deactivate the websites after making enough money the four accused have created 600 such website so far and have gathered bank account details of 16,000 account holders. Recently one victim from Bengaluru has approached the Cyber Crime Police Station and lodged an FIR with us stating that from his account Rs 5000 and Rs 2000 in two different transaction was deducted and he lodged an FIR saying that he did not authorise these transfers. During investigations it was found that these amounts were transferred to Idea E wallet and SBI Buddy accounts further from this wallets the amount has been transferred to an account in State bank of mysore in JP Nagar and the investigators were able to identify the account which was in the name of one Ajay Singh and further when we worked backwards we were able to identify the person who opened this account and his original name was Kapildev Suman and he was resident of bengaluru presently but he is originally from boccaro steel city. Detailed investigation revealed that the four men used to travel always by Air and stayed in five star hotels. The investigation proved that Kapildev Suman has opened this account in the name of Ajay Singh violating the KYC Norms know your customers norms which the bank was adhere and supposed to have followed during the investigations we recovered more than 28 Bank accounts from this Kapildev Suman and his associates Suraj and also we found forged pancards,mobile phones and laptops which contains certain data based on the leads provided by these two accused the CID teams were formed one to analyse the digital data’s that is available both in the laptop and mobiles and online and the second team was formed to analyse the bank transaction details and the third team was sent to boccaro to physically verify and secure the other associates of the Kapildev Suman and the accused suspecting police may be on their trail have been evading the arrest and they have travelled to various places in Bihar and Jharkhand and subsequently the CID team was successful in nabbing these other two people in Bokaro. The accused was susheel kumar Suman he is the elder brother of the earlier accused Kapildev Suman and Bipla the fourth accused from their possession we recovered more than 460 mobile simcards, 15 mobile phone handsets,laptop, hard disk memory cards and data cards. The accused were in possession of more than 16,000 bank account credentials which they got fraudulently. Then the investigating teams produced the accused persons in boccaro in the jurisdictional court and we got them yesterday night and the investigations are in progress and we are looking into the how far and how wide this fraudulent activity of these people is spread and we realised that the accused person susheel kumar Suman has blocked more than 600 domains with various service providers like,,Munafadaily, which was attracting the customers to share their data. It is said that the four men were doing bottom phishing which means they transferred only small amount from customers bank account so that they would not complaint to the police. The Cyber Crime Police have launched a manhunt for the Web designer who has helped them to creating a fake website.Currently the police are investigating to see how many vulnerable customers have been cheated so far the police are shocked as how they manage to do online cheating from past 4 years without being caught finally DGP CID,Kishore Chandra has appreciated CID, ADGP,C H Pratap Reddy,IGP CID,M Chandrashekar,and his staff as DySP, Sharath.M.D and other staff for the commendable job done by them who has nabbed notorious cyber criminals who were luring gullible customers he added .