Two Notorious Hardened Criminals Arrested by Jayanagar Police Recovered 1.2 kg of gold worth Rs.35 lakhs .

The Jayanagar cops have arrested two notorious thieves who are involved in 29 cases of chain snatching reported in 17 police stations .
They robbed 29 women of gold chains between March and June 30 this year.
The accused used same vehicle and same clothes to commit crime.
They striked at 29 places in the city and their main target was to snatch the chains of lonely women who goes for early morning walk or while putting rangoli and while going to temple .
Same modus operandi used in committing crime.
The accused has been identified as Jabiuddin Mohammed Nuruddin alias Jaibuddin alias Tabrez, 30, and his associate Arun Kumar Gangappa alias Arun Kumar, 36, of Mahalakshmi Layout.
In three months they striked in 17 police stations and robbed 29 Women’s Chains in different places.
DCP South Zone, Dr.S.D.Sharanappa said,as there was a spur in chain snatching in south zone and across city as about 12 chain snatching reported in south zone in various police stations and to curb the menace a crime review meet was called and ACP Srinivas formed a special crime team, under the supervision of PI of Jayanagar, Uma Mahesh and his crime team swung into action the team visited the scene of crime and during investigation they started analysing the CCTV footage from the scene of crime and from one spot we got one clear CCTV footage of culprits and based on the CCTV footage our crime team got a major breakthrough as with the clear picture of the culprit our crime team got to know that they are habitual offenders, and based on database and with other investigating skills the crime team nabbed the notorious culprits.And the team grilled them from which they spilled the beans and confessed the crime they told that they wanted to start up a business and wanted to settle in life by developing APP which will be useful for school and colleges students and for this they approached a APP developer and he said them that to develop a APP 2 lakhs is recovered so for this they both planned to snatch 4 chains but as they started from March they ended with 29 chain snatching and to commit crime they first lifted a gear less motor cycle from a eatery shop in malleswaram.Tabrez suggested his partner that using a stolen vehicle for robbery is a good idea to hoodwink police. As per the plan, Arun stole a gearless scooter parked outside an eatery in Malleswaram and fixed a duplicate licence plate of a similar vehicle listed for sale on an online website.They both are jailmates and when they came out, they joined hands to start a business for which they needed Rs 2 lakh. With no cash in hand, the two ventured into robbery again. But their free run ended recently; both are now cooling their heels in jail and based on their statement we have recovered 1.2 kg of gold worth Rs 35 lakh from their possession he added.
Praveen Sood, Commissioner of Police said, a team under Sharanappa DCP South was constituted with 15 members.They happened to get a good CCTV picture and on the basis of that CCTV picture and lot of other investigation they were able to arrest two people one Tabrez and another Arun Kumar. So we have arrested this two people and recovered almost 1.2 kgs of gold worth about Rs.35 lakhs.These offences are all committed in last 3 months.In south 12 cases in West 9 cases,North 6 cases and North-east 1 and south – East,1 spread over 17 police stations and Jabiuddin is involved in nearly 49 cases, including murder and chainsnatching. Arun, too, is involved in a murder and dacoity case, among other stations.and we have solved 144 of the 171 chain snatching cases reported till June this year and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner,Praveen Sood,has appreciated,Addl CP West,Malini Krishnamurthy, DCP South Zone, Dr.S.D.Sharanappa and his team as ACP Jayanagar sub division, H Srinivas with PI,S P Uma Mahesh,PSI,P.Shivakumar and Probationary PSI,Anjanappa,with crime staff as,Kemparaju,Balaram Nayak,Parameshwar,Ravi,Shivkumar,R Chandrashekar,and Vinay Kumar has been appreciated for the commendable job done by them and a cash reward of Rs50,000, has been given to the whole team who has successfully nabbed the notorious hardened criminals and curbed the menace of chain snatching, and I am sure that the team will continue to do good work and show some result in a near future he added.