Jewellery Store theft case solved within 12 hours by West Zone Police Stolen Property, 1.3kg Gold & 14 kg silver Recovered Intact .

“Big theft case detected in 12 hours well done team West” Praveen Sood, Commissioner of Police,appreciated on twitter.
* Notorious Drilling thief Mohammed Hussain arrested.
* On July 9, the jewellery store owner reported a burglary.
* The burglar had entered the store by drilling a hole through the roof. Above the store was Room No. 102 of Platinum Lodge.
* The police got an image of the guest  Mohammed Hussain in the room from CCTV footage. Hussain had checked into the lodge on June 19.
* The police shared the image with drivers of private and public buses through WhatsApp and various social media platform.
* A driver from Hubballi contacted them saying he had seen the suspect, but was unsure as his head was tonsured.
Based on the inputs, a police team led by Kamakshipalya inspector M.R. Harish traced the suspect to a hotel 45 km from Dharwad.
* Mohammed Hussain was nabbed from a private hotel, about 45 km from Dharwad, by the special team of west Zone within 12 hours of the case being registered.
* The West Zone police nabbed a 32-year-old habitual offender who was on the run after drilling a hole through the roof of a jewellery store in Cottonpet and stealing gold and silver articles.
Mohammed Hussain had run away from his home and moved to Kalaburagi. He had stolen Rs 15 lakh and 300 grams of gold from a co-operative society in Belagavi. He used the money to marry his sister off. He used a part of the money to open a tea stall. He also has a criminal case against him in Mangaluru. As this time he tried a big heist to settle and lead a lavish life as he was bound to get marry shortly also but it went in vain.
Three special team were formed led by DCP west, M N Anucheth,one team was busy in collecting information from the neighbours and lodge staff about his movements.second team was busy in collecting vital clues from the technical wing and CCTV footage from the lodge and as soon as the technical wing traced the suspect a team headed by Inspector M R Harish and special squad pressed into action and left to hubbali to nab the culprit a vital clue was his other state number from which the cops traced the accused near Kittur and nabbed him .
The notorious habitual offender after committing burglary has left in the morning and catched a bus in the early morning and left to Dharwad and in Dharwad he took rest for 2 hours and to disguise himself he even tonsured his head and from Dharwad he headed towards Belgaum while the bus was alighted at kittur which is 45km far from hubbali our special team was behind him and after getting credible information the squad zeroed in him near seven loves hotel while he was returning from hotel  after having his dinner senior officer said.
DCP west, M N Anucheth said, in cottonpet police station limits of west Divison of bengaluru city. We have regisitered a case of burglary of a jewellery store yesterday in the afternoon.The jewellery store is Kanchan Jewellers it is run by a person by name Himmat Prakash who is running it since 2006. This Kanchan Jewellers is located on the ground floor of a two storey building on the first floor there is a lodge by name Platinum lodge.The thief had taken a room in the lodge directly above the jewellery store since June 19th. Since June 19th he has been using machines tools like drilling machine etc to bore through the floor of the hotel in such a way that it directly lands into the jewellery store.He successfully was able to enter the jewellery store from the top by drilling up a hole which is of 1.5ft wide he bore through about 1.5ft thickness of concrete and whatever material he used to drill he used to packet in a bag and keep it in the room itself now on Saturday evening he has gained access into the jewellery store and gone to the Walt and broken it open and he has taken around 1kg 300 grams of gold and about 14 kgs of silver and he fled from that place at around 7am in the morning. We had formed 3 special teams to trace the accused and we had circulated his photo through whatsapp and other social media network to all the bus drivers and who ever possible to trace the accused. While he was travelling from hubbali towards Mumbai in a private bus one of the driver has confirmed that such a person is looking like that is there in our bus so our team was right behind about 100 kms away so we were able to intercept the vehicle and we have been successful into nab the accused.The accused had try to disguise himself by shaving his head in hubbali where he had taken rest for about two hours so we have recovered the property intact about 1kg 300 grams of various gold items and about 14 kg of  silver items.On June 19th basically he has first scouted out the area while having tea and talking to the all near by shops he has measured the distance from the roadside from the curve from the footpath in such a way that first he had taken a Room Number 101, he has realised that would not lead to the shop it leads to the barber shop so he has gone and took an other room on the pretext that he wanted a bigger room from there where he has able to drill out so he has done it very methodically. We have also been able to arrest him within 24 hours by methodology searching for.One more issue is that the owner of the shop had given a complaint of that 3kg of gold has been stolen and much more amount of silver items has been stolen but we will try all possible efforts to find out whether that is the exact quantity of jewellery of gold and silver has been stolen but if we find that the complainant himself had lied we will also initiate criminal action against the complainant.When asked how could he able to bore to enter this Anucheth said we have recovered new drill bids itself about 25 drill bids we have recovered 4 drilling machines and about 100 unused drill bids so he has bore since through June 20th when he has shifted to the room number 102 was there was no noise he said the other lodgers have complained of the noise saying that there is a lot of drilling noise but the lodge management has completely ignored it twice they have enquired about it he has said that he works for a factory which is involved in power tools so he has to make and the noise is natural so they have not bothered to clean the room also and he has given one ID card where it bears his photo and his name and fathers name are correct in that but when we checked in online through the epic website it shows somebody else’s name so we will verify officially whether it is true identity card or a fake ID card because he has stayed in Gulbarga for about 5 years based on his identity which is from Karnataka is he from Karnataka or other state he said that so the Thief name was Mohammed Hussain s/o Mohammed mustaf aged about 32 year old he is a resident of Ahmedabad district in Gujarat state. He has admitted to committed two crimes past in Belagavi and in Mangaluru we are verifying today since the entire procedure we have done it we have to do some procedures we are going to produced before the magistrate and we will take him into police custody for further interrogation and finally Bengaluru Police Commissioner, Praveen Sood, Addl CP West, Malini Krishnamurthy, has appreciated DCP West Zone, M N Anucheth, ACP Chickpet Sub Division, N Niranjanraj urs and his team as PIs as Harish M R of Kamakshipalya police station, Prakash Reddy of Kalasipalya police station and Murthy, PSI of cottonpet PS,with his crime staff as,ASIs as, Badrinath,Puttaswamy, and Jairamshetty,HCs as,Kumar,Mahadev,Muniraju, Srinivasmurthy,and PCs as,Mumtaz Pasha and Lohith were successful in nabbing the notorious burglar and has recovered property intact from his possession and a reward has been given to the team for the big theft case detected within hours he added .