Ministry of Railways strengthens coordination mechanism with State Government for faster execution of Railway Projects

To expedite the Railway Projects and to improve coordination with State Government for faster execution, Ministry of Railways is working on a system of Nodal/Coordinating Officers of both Railways and the respective State Governments. On the request of Ministry of Railways, majority of the States have nominated their representatives to sort out different issues of mutual coordination and to monitor progress of Railway Projects in their respective State.

The representative / nominee from States have been holding regular meetings with railway authorities on various issues involving alignment, land acquisition, forestry and wildlife clearances, law & order problems, Road Over and Under Bridges, shifting of electrical lines, canal crossings, funding of projects, identification of interested parties etc.

To strengthen the coordination mechanism, Nodal Officers have also been nominated from Zonal Railways for each State with a defined role of identifying the projects requiring coordination with State Government and arranging meetings of Railway Officials with the State Government.

In order to streamline information flow during meetings with dignitaries in Ministry of Railways, Nodal Officers in Railway Board for each State / UT have also been nominated to keep the updated status of various Railway related demands and monitoring the progress of various projects and issues.