World environment day

International chamber of media entertainment industry in association with United Nation Information

Centre and Indian federation of United Nation association along with the International conference of

intellects celebrate the World Environment Day on 5 th June, 2017 in the premises of Marwah studios

located in film city of Noida.

World Environment Day is the united nations principle agenda to mobilize people across the world to

work towards protecting the environment. On the occasion of the 43 rd world environment day, a

conference of intellects, researchers, scholars and environmentalists was conducted in order to

generate a wave of awareness and understanding upon the matters of environmental issues in Marwah

Studios. Key note speakers in the conference were Dr. K.D.Gupta (environmentalist), Dr. Sudeep Rai

(renowned sitarist), Ms. Nisha Kothari (renowned actress), Mr.J P Singh (Director ISD council), Mr. J S

Saluja ( president sarita vihar harit kranti), Mr. Warren Harrison (Associate dean school of design,

culture and arts) (international) and vote of thanks given by Mr. Sushil Bharti with Mr. Sandeep Marwah

as the distinguished guest in the conference.

The conference revolved around the discussions of topics like environmental conservation,

envirornmental preservation and the theme of UN for this year- connecting people to nature.

Mr. Sandeep Marwah, the president of International chamber of media and entertainment industry had

the vision of conducting this conference where personalities famous in their fields come together on

one platform to impart a wave and bring about a change for the betterment of the environment. He

primary objective being that he should be able to disseminate knowledge amongst individuals and

create awareness. He understands the importance of the environmental issues as he himself has been a

part of the Clean India Project for more than over a decade and also the Swach Bharat Abhiyan.

With Mr.KD Gupta being the opening speaker took upon the responsibility of addressing the age old

issue of trivial importance, he emphasized on the importance cleaning rivers across the country and also

facilitating better systems for water waste management. While Ms. Nisha Kothari said “I am an actress

working in bollywood and most of the times our job is to generate an emotion in the minds of the

audience and make them realize something important which they may have missed out on during their

daily lives, I am certain that with determination and belief we the citizens of the world can make it a

better place.

Mr.J P Singh spoke on the issues of disaster management. He brought into light the high likely hood of

natural calamities such as floods, fires and earthquakes and how to tackle them on an individualistic and

also on a community level. He explained how natural calamities are a part of the environment and are

inevitable hence one should always be on the lookout for such disasters. Where Mr. J S Saluja who was a

part of the sarita vihar kranti movement and made a huge difference in the area, emphasized the

importance individualistic efforts and how a single person can also make a difference on their level by

making sure they fulfill their duties as a responsible citizen of the world.

Stressing upon the roles and responsibilities of an individual towards mother nature and what duties

they hold, Mr Warren Harrison encouraged the education and promotion of environmental issues. He

explained that it is the responsibility of scholars, educationists, academicians, environmentalists,

schools, colleges and students to wear the batch of responsibility and come forward to tackle this global


Post the conference some amongst the audience raised queries regarding issues that were discussed

during the conference and doubts amongst them related to issues which are prevalent in the world, this

clearly showed that conference had an active audience who are responsible individuals understanding

the seriousness of the issue.

At the end of the conference the vote of thanks was given by Mr. Sushil Bharti who is the director of

broadcasting who also included certain suggestions that would further quantify to the betterment of the

current situation of our environment, he suggested that all organizations who are working for the

environment should come under one umbrella and join hands to collectively make a huge impact.