Women Must Be Involved in Nation-Building to Prevent Loss:Former CM Basavaraj Bommai

Yogesh K Porwar & Siddarath Sethia 

Women Preserve Our Nation’s Economy and Culture: Bommai

Former Chief Minister and MP Basavaraj Bommai expressed that if women,who constitute 50% of our population,are not involved in nation-building,it will be a significant loss to the country.

He was speaking at the “Nari Samman”event organized jointly by BMV Kala Trust and Basava Parishat at Bharat Scouts and Guides Hall in the city.

In his address after inaugurating the event and presenting awards,Bommai highlighted the paramount importance of mothers,stating that a mother’s role is irreplaceable and unique.

He emphasized that all other relationships like that with the father and siblings,come after the mother.The preparation for an individual’s ability to adapt to the world’s systems starts in the mother’s womb.

He compared the readiness required for rocket launches to the preparedness a mother provides to her child.

He lamented that the status of mothers is still a subject of discussion,illustrating that social inequality and untouchability remain issues even today.

He pointed out that despite challenges,women have advanced significantly and continue to face and overcome obstacles.

Recalling a personal experience,Bommai shared how a female pilot reassured him during a turbulent flight, demonstrating women’s capability to navigate and ensure safety.

He stated that mothers are the protectors of our culture and are highly capable,teaching us the values of saving and preserving our economy and culture.

Bommai referred to a discussion he had about “Our Mustard Box and the American Bank,”noting how mothers save money in mustard boxes,thereby preserving our economy.

He stressed the importance of involving women in nation-building,stating that achieving a developed India by 2040,as envisioned by the Prime Minister,could be realized by 2030 if women are engaged in these efforts.

He mentioned initiatives in his Shiggaon constituency that have provided employment to around 25,000 girls, who now confidently support their families.

He praised BMV Trust for recognizing and honoring women’s achievements,emphasizing the need for such initiatives to gain more publicity and occur on a larger scale.

Former minister M.P. Renukacharya, actor Suchendra Prasad, ISRO scientist B.H.M. Darukesh, BMV Kala Trust’s Aruna M.P., and Veena Mahantesh were also present at the event.