Ramoji Rao:Farmer Devobhava,’Annadata’ Sukhibhava

Kiran Galla 

Born in a farmer’s family,as a person who knows the hardships of farmers,his great determination to do something for them made him take new steps.

It is thought that by providing comprehensive information, there will be an opportunity to enlighten the farmer families.

Agriculture is the livelihood of 80 percent of the population.Farmers are not able to make full use of our resources.We are lagging behind compared to other countries.

Recognizing the need to communicate the progress in the agricultural sector in their own language and in their own language, we are starting Annadata magazine with the determination to help.”He said.

On rice,oilseeds,cotton,pulses,and other crops useful for farmers,on orchards,vegetables and other horticultural crops,fertilizers,insecticides,loans,drip irrigation,milk to support livestock development,milk products,dairy farms,sheep,chicken breeding,silk.

Special editions were published on the topics of industry,mushroom cultivation,irrigation management, comprehensive crop protection, etc.

The contribution of ‘Annadata’ to the farmers of the state is very high With the increase,the responsibility on the breadwinner also increased.

Every day Raiteraju:

After the launch of Eenadu daily in 1974,a special column called ‘Raiteraju’was introduced for a few years.

On that day or that week,solutions to the problems faced by the farmers of the state, useful for farmers, crop cultivation,dairy cattle,sheep and goat nutrition are given.

This title was conceived with an aspiration to provide timely scientific information and advice to the farmers of the state through the most popular Enadu daily.

The intention is to provide the required scientific knowledge at the right time to the respective regions in accordance with the diversity of dairy crops,allied professions,programs and farmers’status in the state.

Accordingly, this program of practical instruction was started on June 24, 2002 with Eruvaka.

In electronic media :

Ramoji Rao,who started the Akshara Yajna with TV programs Annadata monthly,started a new history by starting broadcasts of Annadata program in electronic media through ETV in 1995.

Annadatha has truly brought a revolution by providing farmers with all the information about crop cultivation through ETV.

Many farmers have progressed in cultivation after witnessing all kinds of improvements related to cultivation.

Annadatha program through regional language channels of ETV has become a guide for many farmers in the country.

Jaikisan,another agricultural program started in the same spirit, was a sensation.If Annadatha is a center for advice and suggestions related to crop cultivation, Jaikisan is a platform for farmers’problems, government policies,marketing problems and their solutions.

The ‘Annadata’ program is still going on giving vital information to the farmers.

Many awards :

Since 1995 Annadata,since 2003 Jaikisan programs have been progressing in Rythu Seva.Center for Media Studies,Delhi has recognized and given awards for programs that are raising awareness among farmers.

It is an honor for Enadu to receive awards for these programs three years in a row.Some who have researched the work done by TV medium in the country for the farmers have said that these two programs are providing the best service to the farmers and presenting the research papers on the international platform is a proper recognition of the work of ETV.