Bollywood actors who shed their tears for Rafa please see Armenian Christian persecution

Dr.Thomas (Sub-Editor)

In recent months,reports of Christian persecution in Armenia have surfaced, shedding light on a deeply troubling and ongoing issue that demands immediate global attention.

This persecution,characterized by acts of violence, torture, and systemic discrimination, highlights a distressing reality for Armenian Christians.

Despite the severity of these incidents,the issue has largely remained underreported in mainstream media.

Recent reports indicate a resurgence of targeted violence against Armenian Christians,including physical assaults,harassment,and destruction of property.

These incidents have been exacerbated by political tensions and conflicts,particularly with neighboring Azerbaijan.

The fragile ceasefire following the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war has done little to alleviate the fears of Armenian Christians living in contested regions
Alarming accounts suggest that elements within the Armenian government may be complicit or,at the very least,negligent in addressing these human rights abuses.

This complicity,whether through direct action or inaction,has left many Armenian Christians feeling abandoned and vulnerable.

Behind the statistics and reports are real people whose lives have been upended by these acts of persecution. Families have been torn apart,individuals have been subjected to brutal treatment,and entire communities live in fear.

Churches,which once stood as symbols of faith and resilience,have been desecrated and destroyed.

One such story is that of an Armenian Christian family from the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

They were forced to flee their home after repeated threats and violent attacks.

Their church,a place of solace and community, was vandalized and set ablaze.Despite their pleas for protection and justice,they received little support from local authorities.

Recently,a social media campaign gained significant traction,catching the attention of many and being reposted by numerous Bollywood,Tollywood,and Mollywood actors on their platforms.

This campaign,dubbed “All Eyes on RAFA,” has successfully drawn public focus towards the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The campaign’s rise begs the question: why did Israel begin focusing on Hamas? The catalyst for this recent escalation was the tragic events of October 7th, when nearly 1,500 innocent people were killed by Hamas.

Reports indicate that children and women were subjected to horrific acts of violence,including gang rape.In response to these atrocities, Israel initiated military actions against Hamas.

However,while the conflict between Israel and Hamas dominates headlines and social media feeds,another severe issue remains underreported: the persecution of Christians in Armenia.

There have been alarming reports of Christians being tortured and persecuted in Armenia,with alleged government support.

Despite the gravity of these violations,this issue has not received the attention it warrants.The plight of Armenian Christians is a stark reminder of the selective outrage and focus often exhibited by global media and social campaigns.

Additionally,in Turkey,President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s policies have sparked controversy and concern among the Christian community.

Erdogan has converted several significant Christian churches into mosques,raising questions about religious freedom and the preservation of cultural heritage.

These actions have further strained Turkey’s relations with various religious and cultural groups and highlighted issues of religious intolerance that are often overlooked.

The selective nature of media coverage and social media campaigns often means that certain issues receive widespread attention while others remain in the shadows.

While it is essential to address the violence and conflict in Israel and Gaza,it is equally crucial to bring to light other instances of persecution and injustice around the world.