B-Tech graduate women from Noida turned laptop thief arrested by HAL police recovered 24 stolen laptops worth Rs.10 lakhs

Pramesh S Jain & Yogesh K Porwar

T he HAL police on Tuesday arrested a 26-year-old B Tech graduate from Noida and recovered 24 laptops worth ₹ 10 lakh which she used to steal from paying guest accommodation and software firms across the city.

Based on a complaint from a PG inmate,the HAL police based on the CCTV footage and other digital evidence track down the accused and arrested Jassi Agarwal , 26, from Noida.

Probe revealed that Jassi a B tech graduate worked in a private bank for sometime and stayed in a paying guest accommodation for few days .

The accused would wait for the inmates to go out for snack or tea break and ventured into their rooms to take away their laptops and other expensive items.

The stolen laptops she would sell it in the grey area in her home town and make quick money and return to the city to join other PGs.

Finding this lucrative she quit her job and make the stealing habit as her profession and operating for an year untill the HAL police tracked her down.