117 Korean Venture Companies met Hundreds of Indian Students to Expand Employment Opportunities

Vivek Sharma,

New Delhi:Recently, a recruitment briefing session for the ‘Korean Venture Startup Festival 2024’was organised at the Korean Cultural Centre India,where 117 Korean venture companies met hundreds of Indian students to expand employment opportunities for India’s top talent.

The Korean Cultural Centre India has been at the forefront of providing Indian students specific information regarding educational and employment opportunities in Korea.

The session had representatives from government organisations as well as private businesses in Korea, and over 3,000 Indian students and young professionals showed their interest by registering for the event.

In a survey conducted by Korea’s Ministry of SMEs and Startups in July 2023 to understand the choice of Korean companies regarding hiring of outsourced talent in the software sector, India topped the list.

The data shows that 36.4% of companies preferred software professionals from India,followed by Vietnam (31%), and China (11.8%).

Therefore, India was chosen as the first international destination to hold the ‘Korean Venture Startup Festival 2024, which until now was mainly organised to select domestic human resources.

The recruitment briefing was organised in Korean Cultural Centre India,Jawaharlal Nehru University,and Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

In the session organised today, following a briefing session to provide guidance on employment opportunities in Korea,one-on-one interviews were conducted only with those applicants who had made reservations in advance.

Hwang Il Yong,Director of Korean Cultural Centre India, said that he hoped this information session would further expand employment opportunities for Indian students in Korea.