Spanish woman gang-raped in Jharkhand

Abhijit Ray,

Kolkata:Yesterday,a Spanish woman was tragically gang-raped. The incident took place in Jharkhand’s Dumka district on Friday night.

The incident took place in Dumka’s Hansdiha police station area.The woman was spending the night in a makeshift tent with another tourist.

Police are yet to provide further details of the incident. However, the report claimed that more than six men ran over the Spanish woman’s male partner and gang-raped her.

Jharkhand Health Minister Banna Gupta said that though he was not aware of the complete facts, his government would take strict action against the culprits. “I don’t know the full details of the incident,” he told reporters.

However, the government is committed to take strict action against any of our sisters, even Indian or foreigners, who have committed such crimes within the law. ”.

A case has been filed, and an investigation underway, the SP said.